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Krysten Ritter did her usual goth thing for the Gotham Awards

It's a good thing Krysten Ritter looks as good as she does in black. Imagine how screwed she'd be if her colors were pink or bright yellow. Fortunately everyone's favorite superhero private eye is right at home in the dark hues, as evidenced by her appearance at the Gotham Awards the other night, as well as just about every other time she's ever appeared anywhere. They're currently...
6 days ago
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Margot Robbie looked stunning for her return to Gotham

We've seen Margot Robbie slowly creeping back into public view in recent days following a few months spent pretty much removed from the spotlight. Her appearance at the Gotham Independent Film Awards are an example of her return to the limelight. She's had quite a hectic year, so a well deserved respite was probably in order. There was never any doubt in my mind she would return...
7 days ago
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Margot Robbie is a little hard to find lately

I can't blame Margot Robbie for going incognito following the release of SUICIDE SQUAD. So incognito is she that we have only magazine spreads from August to post of her. She was on the mother of all promotional tours this year, starting with TARZAN back in June and wrapping up two months later with SS. So I'm sure she was looking forward to not being everywhere at once. Another...
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Face Off: Gal Gadot vs. Isla Fisher

Unprovoked nastiness notwithstanding, it was a clear landslide for Alice Eve over her Black Mirror costar Bryce Dallas Howard in last week's Face Off . Although there were a few Bryce votes. I appreciate those. Bryce is great and I enjoy the hell out of her. It's just too bad we can't make all of these tie games. This week we're getting the secret agent action/comedy,...
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Hayley Atwell has great conviction

Tonight is the premiere of Hayley Atwell's new ABC series Conviction . This will be the first chance for all us Agent Carter fans to see what was so important about this new show that ABC just couldn't bring themselves to give just one more season to Ms. Carter, if only just to resolve Season 2's cliffhanger and let the show go out on a high note. I doubt I'll watch this new show,...
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Brie Larson looked marvelous at TIFF 2016

My girl Brie Larson is a TIFF, supporting her new movie FREE FIRE , which looks like one of the more crazy concepts I've heard of for a movie. Basically, it involves a gun deal between shady figures in the 1970s going bad - real bad. Normally such plot turns take up a few minutes of screen time at most, but this movie has decided to see what would happen if you took a bad gun deal and had...
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Top 6 Hottest Superhero Babes (video)

There's nothing quite like a superhero hottie. We've seen several examples of them over the years in all different kinds of movies, TV shows and, of course, comic books. Watching them do their thing can be even more fun than their male contemporaries, since they bring the sexy along with their propensity for kicking ass. Here are 6 such superhero babes we feel are the best at...
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We'd fight for Elizabeth Olsen's sideboob skills at the Civil War premiere

  Are you guys all pumped for CIVIL WAR next week? I got a nephew who's practically climbing the walls in anticipation for it. I think he'd like to make it a national holiday just so he can be the first through the door at the 10:00 am matinee. All the positive hype about this has even got me stoked for it. Not that I'm not interested in the comic movies. I'm just a...
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Elizabeth Olsen makes some sweet, green-eyed love to the camera

It's nice to take a little break from ogling the T&A and from time to time just focus on things happening from the neck up on an especially beautiful woman. One of my favorites for this kind of activity is Elizabeth Olsen , who's making the rounds in promotion of her country biopic I SAW THE LIGHT. Just a little Oscar bait matinee before the main show happens next month when...
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Gal Gadot looks like a leggy Liberace for the Batman vs. Superman premiere

It's not often I'm able to envision something pertaining to Liberace and still entertain notions of hotness. Although now that I've mentioned him, certain unpleasant recollections of that Matt Damon movie are beginning to bring up a bile in my throat. Best to keep my eye on the Gal Gadot prize and ignore her Liberace-esque garb at the big BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN premiere. What a...
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Amy Adams sits for a few Super sweet portraits

Yesterday we saw Gal Gadot's press portraits while doing the whole Q&A thing for BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. Now it's Amy Adams' turn to have her every move documented while answering questions. I'm thankful for their sensitivity with these portrait pics. Sometimes they like to post every weird, out of context face the subject makes while musing on their latest project. These maintain Amy's...
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Gal Gadot looks wonderful in Glamour

Rarely have I seen a group of people so divided on a movie as they are with this BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN movie. I see people already convinced it's going to be the worst thing ever. Then there are others who are reserving judgement. And a few here and there who actually hold out hope that this could be really great. I'm in the second group. I've heard the rumors and the speculation. I've seen the...
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