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Face Off: Jennifer Connelly vs. Alyssa Milano

I hit ya'll with a poser last week by pitting Alison Brie against Emma Stone . Everyone loves at least one of those two. However, you guys gave Alison a tiny bit of a lead in the voting. Pretty close, but I'm willing to give her the win. It doesn't matter anyway, because they're both winners in my book. I noticed the other day that long time passion of mine Jennifer Connelly has a...

Eva Longoria wears tight jeans like all hotties should

We know enough about Eva Longoria from her accidental reveal at Cannes earlier this year to be fairly certain that she ain't got shit on underneath her jeans in these pictures. Is there a better way for a hottie with an ass like Eva's to wear a set of tight jeans, short of not wearing any jeans at all? Of course not. None of that Woody Allen style VPL (visible panty line) nonsense in the...

Alyssa Milano is still getting bossed around by her acting past

Poor Alyssa Milano . They talk about people living in the past, but for Alyssa it's her career that seems perpetually tied to the past, despite the fact that she's got a new show out and looks to be making yet another attempt at reviving her career. All anyone can think about are goofy 80s sitcoms starring Tony Danza. It's got to be depressing knowing that the whole world identifies you more...

What are the chances Vanessa Hudgens is completely commando here?

It's getting hot out there. 90+ degrees around where I live today. 100+ before the weekend is over. Such weather kind of sucks for those who hate the heat like myself. However, they do set the scene for pics like these of hottie Vanessa Hudgens walking around in tiny dresses, which is one good thing about the heat. It's the best time of year to appreciate the hotties that's for sure. The...

Eva Longoria gets caught in a commando moment at Cannes

You might not be aware of this unless you live in France, but it's pretty of rainy over there right now. Which is probably kind of a bummer for the folks at Cannes this year because it's rather difficult to be your glamorous best when there are torrents of water raining down on your red carpet glory. Thus the set up for Eva Longoria's entrance to Cannes the other day. Unfortunately for Eva,...

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