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Damn, life sure is hard for Leonardo DiCaprio

Look at that poor guy. No wonder Leonardo DiCaprio had to take some time off from acting, what with all the heavy burdens he's got to deal with in his life. Will he bone the blonde? The brunette? The other blonde? Honestly, how can anyone saddled with this much responsibility be expected to memorize lines and spend months on some movie set god knows where? Okay, so it's really just a shoot for...

Kate Upton busts out with some fat beats for Skullcandy

Kate Upton sure has been smothering us with titillating charm over the past week, what with smuggling her penguins on the Sports Illustrated  Swimsuit Edition cover , which surely didn't do anything to help with global warming problem. You'd think she would've had too much on her plate to make room for another Skullcandy advert, and yet here she is! In this commercial, Kate Upton...

The GoDaddy geek continues to pull the major hotties, this time Maria Menounos

The sight of Jesse Heiman, aka GoDaddy geek, kissing anything is nothing anyone wants to see. Still, I'm happy for the guy. The 34-year-old star of the Super Bowl is getting all kinds of attention, most importantly from the kinds of ladies who might otherwise never give him the time of day, like Maria Menounos , who gave Jesse the second best time of his life with a little Extra sugar on her...

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs strip for the Super Bowl

Yup, 3 days into the week, and we're talking about sexy Super Bowl commercials. This one, however, only appeared during halftime, so there's a good chance you missed it while going on a beer run. "The Two Broke Girls Spectacular", featuring Kat Denning 's excessive cleavage and Beth Behrs 's excessive eye-makeup, was a pleasant surprise for those of whom after watching Nina Agdal, Beyonce...

If Emily Ratajkowski isn't getting all over your face, she doesn't belong at your place

Isn't that how that slogan goes? Well it should be, particularly when discussing the delights of model Emily Ratajkowski , captured here in a fitting for her latest sexified Carl's Jr. commercial. Of course, that's Hardee's to all of you living east of the Rocky Mountains. It's also nonsense to folks living outside the US. For those of you clueless, these are the dual names of burger joints...

Kate Upton washes a Mercedes in the most disappointing way ever

If you thought that Kate Upton , the queen of all things jiggly, could do no wrong, you haven't seen this commercial she did for the new Mercedes Benz CLA, which is expected to air during the Superbowl. The opening message at the beginning of the video states "Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA... in Slow Motion", and it is one of the single most misleading moments in advertising...

Sofia Vergara's boobs trick us into drinking Pepsi

The Superbowl season is just around the corner, a time in which big businesses seek out the best way to stay recognized in a sea of other zany, expensive commercials. Looks like Diet Pepsi has found their next advertising strategy, and it's Sofia Vergara 's awesome cleavage. Not too shabby. I grew up in a Coca-Cola family (since my ancestors were coke heads in the 1910's), though I've never...

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