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Jenna Louise Coleman brings her companion hotness back to London

All it took was about 30 minutes of trying to watch the VMAs to become utterly sick of the state of pop music these days (maybe it was the oddball way that Lourde was talking, where was the hand up that puppet's butt?) but it's taking me a lot longer to tire of the sexy streak that Jenna Louise Coleman has been traveling with as "Doctor Who" made its world tour. The doctor and his...
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Face Off: Karen Gillan vs. Deborah Ann Woll

It was probably foolish to think that Khaleesi was ever in danger of losing a Face Off , even against a hottie like Natalie Dormer . Girl has a powerful following and rightfully so. Not much one can say against her. Redhead hottie Karen Gillan has her movie OCULUS coming out this week. Definitely one of the best ladies with the crimson locks out there. That makes me think about...
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I wonder what Karen Gillan has been up to since leaving Doctor Who

If you watch the [adult swim] on Cartoon Network late nights, you'll probably know that Karen Gillan's follow up to Doctor Who is a small role on their wacky CSI spoof NTSF:SD:SUV. Playing the resident lab geek with a sinister side, her character Daisy seems content in most episodes with finding ways to torture people with her experiments. That is, except for last week's...
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Jenna Louise Coleman looks extra cute paired with a shaved Doctor

Current Doctor Who companion Jenna Louise Coleman is doing the big TCA Press Tour for a new season of her show on BBC America. Jenna is cute, there's no doubt about that. I still miss the Doc's last companion, Amy Pond, who was of course played by my beloved Karen Gillian . While Karen might not currently be at her best, thanks to lopping off all her glorious red hair, I'm still pretty...
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