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Jennifer Lopez's complex complexes complex in Complex

Yeah, we're doubling up on the Jennifer Lopez today, but I can't resist a chance at word play. Anyway, you have to admire the quality with which Jen has presented herself lately. She's really looking good. Doesn't mean she's necessarily a good person, but since when was that ever a prerequisite for appreciating a nice ass or a set of tits on the verge of popping out of a dress or a bathing...

Ashley Benson is here to make sure your summer is a hot one

I wont lie and say that I'm much of an Ashley Benson follower. Up until SPRING BREAKERS, there wasn't much in her resume that was in any way aimed at entertaining or otherwise drawing the eye of your average adult, heterosexual male. But then she did us all the favor of wearing a bikini for 90 minutes and essentially being a felonious slut in the afore mentioned Spring Breakers....

Jessica Parker Kennedy puts on her black bra and sails the pages of Complex

Anyone here tune into watch the Starz original program, "Black Sails" over this weekend? I was too busy working and really just not giving a crap over whether or not creepy Jody from "Shameless" made a good pirate or not. As for the show's other eye candy, cute Canadian babe Jessica Parker Kennedy had already shown up in her sexy lingerie for a photo shoot with...

It's really easy, how hot Emmy Rossum is in Complex

In her Face Off against Allison Williams, it was a no-brainer for those who checked out the article that Emmy Rossum is a winner. Pairing up the photo shoot she recently did for Esquire magazine with this one that she did for Complex magazine, Emmy is working hard to be your number one trained opera singer slash hot naked sex scene actress of the millennium. In her interview with...

Wow... Sarah Hyland actually looks kinda... wow

Well, I feel like a bigger creeper than I have in a while (and coming from me, that's pretty scary), now that thine eyes have been opened to how hot Sarah Hyland is capable of being. She looks like a teenager but she's actually 22-years-old as of last month. This caught me by surprise, since I tried so hard not to crush on Hyland in the last season of "Modern Family", in which her character...

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