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Constance Nunes in a red bikini is making my anchor drop

Alright, on three. Everyone. One. Two. Three. DAYMN!!! Wow, this is one foxy lady. Her name is Constance Nunes and we've written about her before while she was promoting the exact same water (curse you 138 and your complete access to an array of beautiful women!!!) and she was looking similarly sexy , but now, we have her in a brilliant red bikini. There are some women that are cute and...
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Constance Nunes is promoting her ass, her sex appeal and some water

I swear, 138 Water is releasing these pics just to f*ck with me. I'm sure they're like, "ResidentRiddle64 just said he won't write any articles about us!" Then, they grab the most heart-stoppingly sexy gals, throw them in some skimpy clothes and hand them a bottle of water to hold on to while they flash their naughty bits at us. "Try resisting writing about us, ResidentRiddle64…if that is...
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