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Hottie Clip of the Day: Eva Green

Here it is, folks! If you checked out 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE , you know exactly why today's clip is stirring up excitement among the JoBlo crew. Of course, I'm talking about Eva Green exposing her stupendous rack in the rough sex scene from the film. This moment was so spectacularly unexpected, some have said it's the scene that saved the film. The scene also...

Happy Quarter Century, Sasha Grey!

According to years and years of blithering idiot crap from women who claim to be feminists but strike me more as being proud man-haters, you end up with the daughters of that generation cringing and swearing to people that they're NOT feminists. No, no, call me anything up a feminist. After reading about how Sasha Grey (now conveniently located in our Hotties Galleries!) went to participate...

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