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Kristen Stewart is a four eyed beauty

Here we can see Kristen Stewart doing her thing and dressed all hot and nerdy. I'm not really quite sure what look she normally associates herself with, but the skinny jeans, converse, long hair and glasses is getting me all hot and nostalgic (that's how lots of girls in high school and college dressed when I found myself drooling over them). So, go ahead and call me crazy (but...
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Ashley Tisdale presents the question: Chuck Taylors, cut-offs & bare belly still hot?

Here's where my mind goes a little off the beaten track and I start thinking... if I were a dude, a dude with a swinging penis looking for a place to put it, what exactly would be my type? I think I'd definitely like long legs, no matter how tall or short of a dude I turned out to be. I'd probably favor brunettes over blondes but if there was a blonde who had a certain self-confidence to her...
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Jessica Hart has a gap in her teeth, if you can overlook her awesome Aussie body to find it

I like me some good looking Australian chicks. I also used to think that Lauren Hutton was the most glamourous woman I'd ever seen, spawning from her being the vamp who preyed on Jim Carrey in ONCE BITTEN. So when I caught onto these images of Aussie model, Jessica Hart as she posed for Maxim Australian to introduce herself as the latest Victoria's Secret Angel, I was hooked. Sure, she's got...
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