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Happy 54th birthday to tasty British dish Nigella Lawson

It was a particularly tough 2013 for Nigella Lawson . It started out with that rather unfortunate and bizarre choking incident between Nigella and her now ex-husband, art collector Charles Satcchi, which generated all kinds of bad press. That was only outdone by the widely publicized scandal and trial of her two former assistants who were supposedly using Nigella's credit cards in return...

Who wins in a Giada De Laurentis vs. Maria Menounos Face Off?

Ya'll know well enough who Maria Menounos is from the gagillion posts we do about her on a regular basis. For those of you not aware of her competition, Giada De Laurentis , she's one of those cooking show empresses with the TV shows and the book deals and all that stuff. The two of them were hanging out together on Maria's show Extra the other day, having themselves a little hottie dress...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Giada De Laurentiis

I'm sure there are females across the country that wonder why their men don't complain that they watch a lot of Food Network. Well for one, we love good food. And secondly, we love Giada De Laurentiis! I mean if you were to just have this beauty on the air all day long people would still watch. Heck she could be making hard boiled eggs and people would watch! For today's Hottie Clip...

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