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Coney Island's mermaids prompt Nina Agdal to literally come out of her shell

Tasty Danish Nina Agdal gave her Sports Illustrated swimsuit modelling a break to be an interviewer for SI's Swim Daily site. This had her out at Coney Island's Mermaid Parade, which is an excuse for hordes of New Yorkers to dress up weird, or just cover their bodies in paint and walk naked in the streets of a NYC borough. I'm sure it was pretty hard for Nina not to join in with the...
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Bella Thorne's cornrows and legs for miles make her Extra hot

Oh Bella Thorne . You're always on point when it comes to being bangable. I've never seen her skip a beat there. Granted, it's kind of hard not to be bangable when you look like Bella, but one does have to admire the time and energy she gives to getting folks off. Just look at her doing the Extra show. It's a painful thing, looking at such a unbelievably sexy thing as Bella. Look at those...
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Looks like it's time to add Kylie Jenner to your guilty pleasures spank bank you hear that? That maniacal giggling coming from some far off place? I think I know what that is. That's the sound of Kris Jenner laughing with glee at the sight of her youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner , doing the bikini beach pics thing and thus securing a further decade of public interest in the insane exploits of her family. It's a necessary step for them, what with Kim in a mad...
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Amanda Seyfried opts for the gangsta bitch look for the Ted 2 premiere

Amanda Seyfried may have been going for a few different looks at the TED 2 premiere last night. One can also find ample cornrows action at your local Renaissance Faire, being sported by women in cleavage heavy wench costumes who are well read in medieval fantasy literature. I'll let you take your pick on which of those two you enjoy more. Whatever her inspiration, the look suits Amanda...
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Barbara Palvin may have gotten the wrong idea about her new modelling gig

It's kind of funny to think that misunderstandings over the title of New Zealand fashion magazine Black could have evoked this rather bizarre dressing up of lily white model Barbara Palvin as some kind of 90s gangsta rapper, complete with the appropriate cornrows and baggy leather attire. If anything, it's a unique presentation of this Hungarian hottie, if not a strange one. Such turns for...
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You like big-assed, fake-looking, cornrowed twins? Then you'll like the Shannon Sisters

What the hell is it with twins? Double the fun? Some twisted fantasy in the heterosexual male mind that finds cajoling sisters into getting it on with each other endlessly fascinating? Whatever is happening there, it endures even with the likes of Kristina and Karissa Shannon, despite their obvious drawbacks as fake, skanky-looking delinquents. These two have done every scuzzy thing from...
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