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Is busty British babe Helen Flanagan coming to Playboy?

Back in November, that popular octogenarian perv, Hugh Hefner, threw out that he was looking to sit down with former "Coronation Street" actress and sometimes Page 3 model, Helen Flanagan to discuss her possible modeling spread in an upcoming issue of the seminal men's magazine, Playboy. Seems as if Hef might be closer to getting his wish. Flanagan recently told British...

English hottie Georgia May Foote is our tight little orange crush

If you spend any time around here or watch a lot of BBC television, you way be like me in your love for English actress Georgia May Foote . I've been keeping tabs on her over the last few months, finding new things to enjoy in every new photo that gets snapped of her. It's a strange fascination for me, as I have never seen any of the UK TV shows she does and I have no idea if she's any good...

Georgia May Foote is looking quite titular in Fabulous Magazine

Georgia May Foote came up a couple times earlier this year for just appearing on red carpets looking fantastically adorable. Now she's steaming hot in the pages of Fabulous Magazine, talking about being the sexy, sweet girl next door type in real life as she is on the British soap opera, "Coronation Street." I like the nearly Katy Perry vibe she's got going on in this spread, reminding me of...

Who is this Georgia May Foote person and how do I stop licking my monitor?

How the hell does England keep coming up with all these gorgeous women? Something about that place just cranks out the fine ass women. Of course, it's always when I think I've got them sorted out that I happen upon a new adorable English hottie and I've got to start gushing anew. Thus enters the lovely Miss Georgia May Foote to my list of limey love affairs. This little 22-year-old hottie is...

Helen Flanagan bounces merrily along the beach

You may (or may not) remember that random betting website commercial I posted a few weeks back featuring Helen Flanagan working out with some jockeys. If not, let's just say there was plenty of splendid cleavage involved, so I knew to be on the lookout for some epic bikini pics of the boobtastic Brit. Flanagan is pretty well-known in the UK for being one of the more top-heavy gals...

Busty English hottie Helen Flanagan can't seem to keep her shirts closed

Yet another of England's seemingly limitless supply of big titty hotties makes her way into the pages of FHM magazine this month. Helen Flanagan has been a fixture on one of those forever running TV shows they got over there since she was a kid. As you can see, Helen ain't a kid anymore. Someone should probably tell her that though, as she seems to think she can go on wearing tiny kids...

Michelle Keegan is a British heartbreaker you might want to look out for

There was some commentary about how the Top 25 babes of 2012 was "monochromatic." The hard, cold fact of the matter is that what sells well in the United States also happens to bring in millions in foreign sales as well. What does this mean from a culture standpoint? Am I just not as educated as I should be on the women of color from other countries? Are their movies funded by movie production...

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