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Sexy TwitPics: Jessica Nigri

There's a lot going on this upcoming weekend, with spring break, Easter and, of course, Anaheim's WonderCon 2014. Sure, the "excitement" factor of WonderCon might be several notches down from San Diego's Comic-Con, but it's fun, and it's in my neck of the woods. Plus, it' draws in a lot of true "convention...

TGIFs: Top 8 Skimpy Halloween Costume GIFs

Hope you're all coming down from your candy corn hangovers. Yes, Halloween night can sometimes take a toll on its celebrators' arteries, as well as their livers. Lucky for you, we have the perfect medicine: more sexy, Halloween-themed animated GIFs! They won't decrease the amount of trips you'll be taking to the bathroom today, but they'll probably take your mind off...

Sexy TwitPics: Cosplay Girls

Well, suck me sideways, the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con is here already ? Seems like it was just yesterday I was crying my eyeballs out whilst downing shots of whiskey to erase the pain of not being able to attend last year's Con. I guess it's time to head back to the liquor store. Sci-fi and fantasy conventions are a great way to go out and have fun, meet like-minded people and get the...

Sexy TwitPics: Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Canadian cosplay model and designer Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is a woman I would very much like to meet (and snuggle up with for several hours). Marie-Claude (or MC Bourbonnais) worked as a costumer and fashion designer before she began her modeling career in 2008. She's gained a following through social media due to her keenness of nerd culture, her prolificness as a...

Jessica Nigri is a cosplay girl ready to invade your Assassins Creed 3 world

I know very little about video games outside of Tetris, Mario Party and Cooking Mama. Yes, I'm old and lame when it comes to these fancy gaming units that they put out every 2 years. I just prefer to spend my money on other stuff and I don't dog on those who choose to invest their nut in games. But I have to point out that I've never played anything like HALO or GODS OF WAR or whatever this...

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