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BOTB Bateman's Babes: Jennifer Aniston vs Kristen Bell vs Olivia Wilde

One of the purported victims of the iCloud f*ckup (let's put the blame where it belongs - with everyone's precious Apple), Ariana Grande, wasn't just the hot little performer at the VMAs this year - she was your favorite hot little performer based on the responses from last week's Battle. This week, with the release of THE LONGEST WEEK, I noticed that its star, Jason Bateman, likes to...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Malin Akerman,Kristen Bell,Kali Hawk & Kristin Davis

I've got hottie overload for you guys today! You remember that Vince Vaughn comedy COUPLES RETREAT? Yeah, for the most part the flick was pretty forgettable but today I've got the best scene of the whole thing for your viewing pleasure! Today's Hottie Clip of the Day features not one, but four different hotties! And get this - they all strip down to their underwear. What more do you...
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