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Emily Didonato uncovered on the pages of Cover Girl

Pictures of Emily DiDonato are far to infrequent - this is the first post-worthy set I've come across in awhile. Down girls like this need more exposure, and I'm not talking about the kind social media allows for. If you've seen her classic nude spread for Lui Magazine, you know what I'm speaking of. I've had a huge crush on her since she disrobed for that memorable bit...
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Elizabeth Olsen is the top cute hippie chick in Germany Interview

Our site has been running a bit wonky today, so it's taken me some time to be able to get into the backend (heh heh) and upload some words to go along with the images of Elizabeth Olsen is the German edition of Interview magazine. I don't understand what's up with the super far away shots or the one that's ridiculously blurry (I guess it's art for art's sake) but the OLDBOY remake star is...
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Katy Perry kisses Santa for Glamour UK and likes it

Let's try to take the focus off whether or not she's gotten herself too attached to Douchebag Mayer or whether she's a racist because she dressed in a geisha costume for a Japanese-themed performance on the AMAs and instead let's consider if a male model dressed in a Santa suit should be so lucky as to garner Katy Perry's affections, even if it is for a photo shoot in Glamour UK. The singer...
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Cosmo gets Jennifer Lopez to bare her belly and talk politics in the October 2013 issue

Watching the trailer for THE FIFTH ESTATE while I was catching a matinee of THE WAY, WAY BACK and bellowing out "Khan!!!!!!" when Benedict Cumberbatch came on the screen is something that amuses me for the day. It's simple, it's easy, it's not full of drama. And it gets random strangers who catch onto the joke to have a little giggle as well. But apparently...
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