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Kim Kardashian tortures a thong with her bloated butt

Oh boy, here we go. Normally we like to keep things positive around here and avoid any overt attempts at denigrating those celebs who might be easy targets for denigration. But there are times when the absurdity of the situation becomes unavoidable. Thus is the situation currently taking place around the dwarf planet otherwise known as Kim Kardashian's ass. Now obviously her butt was never...
2 days ago
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Top 6 Institutionalized Hotties (video)

Far be it from us to imply that all chicks are crazy. I know it may feel that way sometimes to us guys, but usually it's us guys who are making them crazy. Regardless of how it happens, there are the occasional movies wherein hotties have a few loose screws, or a busted spring, or blown a head gasket, or any number of other mechanically related euphemisms for going loco en la...
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Isla Fisher radiates while her husband humiliates

You gotta wonder sometimes if Isla Fisher questions her choice in spouses, particularly when he shows up to his movie's premiere looking like this. There's being a booster for your movie and then there's just being an idiot. Sacha Baron Cohen is no stranger to idiotic moves in support of his stuff, but now he's got a wife and a kid and 40+ years behind him. Might be time to just wear...
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Bai Ling brings her 2015 undressed craziness to a close

I know I shouldn't be obsessed with these fringe hotties, those begging for attention by wearing silly costumes that can barely contain their tits. Alas, I shouldn't but I am. Much like some people secretly (and shamefully) harbor infatuations with reality TV shows or boy band pop music, this is my weakness. I love to see Bai Ling go out with a banner draped down her crotch declaring "Good...
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Underwear was optional for some attending last night's MTV VMA's

I'm sure you've probably seen the media coverage of last night's VMAs. Maybe you even watched them. I'm not sure why you would want to put yourself through such torture, but to each their own I guess. If you've seen any of the postmortem on MTV's yearly attempt at a complete abandonment of anything resembling style or taste, you probably already know that Miley Cyrus...
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The Russian Barbie thing is starting to spread

You look light on incredulity today, so meet Ms. Angelica Kenova , otherwise known as Anzhelika Kenova, aka The Human Barbie . You've probably heard about this phenomena before where Eastern European people aspire to life as inanimate dolls. The most famous of these strange people goes by the name of Valeria Lukyanova. < Pretty nuts, right? Now there's this...
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Flashback Friday: Better to remember Tara Reid from back in the day

You may have seen those pics from earlier in the week depicting Tara Reid in a bikini at the beach. If you didn't see them, consider yourself lucky. Should curiosity overcome your better judgement, you can get the gist of the matter right here . Don't say I didn't warn you though. What a tragic fall from grace that girl has undergone in little less than 20 years. It's...
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Let's take a moment and address this Amber Rose situation

Feel free to come at this one with all the down votes you like, as we're probably thinking the same on the subject of Amber Rose here. I see her around from time to time. If you are familiar with those in the so-called "rap game," you probably recognize her. She used to be with Kanye West before he upgraded to a higher priced ass in the form of Kim Kardashian . Recently Amber ended her...
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How about some Bai Ling crazy Xmas leftovers?

I don't know what surprises me more, the fact that Bai Ling is supposedly 48-years crazy or that it's been 20 years since the original version of THE CROW was released. I have to constantly remind myself what I've seen Ling in or know her from, the tragic Brandon Lee movie being the first and the one she seemingly cashes in on the most. As far as her wicked nutty self and posing in the...
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The Top Ten Celebrity Train Wrecks of 2014

Each year promises a new influx of sad, stupid, annoying, ridiculous and even criminal turns for the folks in celebrity circles. It can be a strange and sometimes frustrating thing, watching the lives and careers of famous folk go off the rails before a morbidly curious crowd of media onlookers. That's because celebrities almost always do their best to make themselves look good. Yet like any...
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Bai Ling took her crazy half-naked shtick to the streets of Hollywood

I know it's going to sound racially insensitive of me to point out that I enjoy the craziness of Asian women over the nuttiness of other racial groups. There's just something more appealing to seeing a woman like Bai Ling wrap herself up in dollar store Xmas trinkets and pose on the streets of Hollywood with her tits half hanging out and her drugged up stare boring into the very souls of...
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Does 40-year old Tyra Banks still do it for you?

21 installments of "America's Next Top Model" have been produced so far, all of which have been judged and hosted by former Victoria's Secret model, Tyra Banks . Over the years we've seen more play from Tyra's ego going a bit off the deep end than we have from any of the winning participants (I've never watched the show and so I rely on people telling me who was on it, the most notable being...
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