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Lindsay Lohan actually managed to look good again for a minute

There was a second or two when Letterman was grilling Lindsay Lohan on his show that I began to feel sorry for her. Clearly there's a lot about Lindsay's behavior and lifestyle in the last 6 years or so that scrapes pretty close to the bottom of the barrel. Then again, one can say the same for most people who get themselves hopelessly addicted to drugs and booze. Still, it did look like she...

Emma Stone tries out her best Fiona "Criminal" Apple poses for W Magazine

W Magazine has been known for some rather odd over the years. Remember the time they supposedly coerced Kim Kardashian into posing nude covered in nothing but silver body paint? Hell, this is also the magazine that got Carrie Mulligan to pose in a bra, the normally rather demure actress going with the flow. So either they've got some very persuasive photographers over at that rag or there's...

Top 10 Celebrity Train Wrecks of the Year

The celebs were careening into self destruction like mad people this year. There was carnage done to careers, fortunes, public perceptions - even humanity's faith in trusted institutions was shaken, all thanks to the notorious exploits of the 10 select human train wrecks presented here for your ridicule and condemnation. Some of these names you've seen mentioned before in such lists, some you...

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