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Cristine Prosperi, orange you cute at the Nicky Duece premiere

Just so we can get past it, Cristine Prosperi is 20-years old, even if she doesn't look like it. In the business, it's the Macchio Effect and I say everyone who has it should use it until they lose it. Prosperi, best known for her role as Imogen on "Degrassi: The Next Generation" and is pictured here at the premiere of the TV movie she made with that annoying little shit from "iCarly," in...

The hot chicks of Twitter and Instagram gift us with interesting pics

It's so interesting that between watching Xmas episodes of "Bones," (Season one, where they solve the misery of Careful Lionel) "The Big Bang Theory," (Sheldon hugging Penny because it makes me cry and when Leonard's mom comes to visit and Penny gets her drunk) and "Modern Family," (the sweet first season with the first Colombian traditions woven into the Pritchett family) I decided that I...

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