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Life post Carrie Diaries is just peachy for AnnaSophia Robb

If you go trolling around on the internet long enough, you're going to find that people are hot for just about everything. Me, I'd have to say that I'm continually impressed with the number of sites pointing people in the direction of girls' feet. Apparently in the foot fetish world, AnnaSophia Robb is a hot commodity. I would think that lustful people might be more...
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Ashley Benson is doing it for her country in Times Square at the Kisses for the Troops event

I really like Ashley Benson , one of the stars of the popular series "Pretty Little Liars," as well as one of the chicks who tried to get away from their pristine image in the (other than James "Look at my shit!" Franco) horrible film SPRING BREAKERS. I especially like that she took to New York City in a benefit event hosted by Cosmopolitan magazine and Maybelline...
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Dakota Fanning does her best Chloe Sevigny impression for Wonderland magazine

Here's the thing: I cannot decide if I find Dakota Fanning attractive now that she's of legal age. I wasn't sure she was all that cute of a child actress when she first appeared in I AM SAM, but I was impressed by her talent. When I watched her as Cherie Curry in THE RUNAWAYS, I thought she looked pretty good in that spadex, '70's stuff, the feathered hair and even the skimpy lingerie on...
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