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Jennette McCurdy covers up her curves for viewing of Rio 2

While RIO 2 is certainly no slouch at the box office (it IS a kid's movie), it's not kicking up the kind of crazy green that I'm sure the execs were hoping for. I feel that way when I check out Jennette McCurdy at a special screening of the movie. While she looks quite fit in her short blue dress, it's not exactly the most jaw-dropping look for those curves that she's rocking underneath its...
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Carla Gugino's curves have no match at the Tribeca Film Festival

If you've ever hoped that the bodacious awesomeness of Carla Gugino would be rubbing elbows with the majestic grace that is Sir Patrick Stewart, you're in luck. At this year's Tribeca Film Festival the movie MATCH was screened, garnering positive feedback around its simple premise (a couple - Gugino and Matthew Lillard - seek out am eccentric choreographer - Stewart - for an in-depth...
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Shailene Woodley's tight little curves are diverging in Berlin

I can almost hear the discussions that Shailene Woodley's stylists were having when it was decided that she would don this skin-tight white gown with the plunging neckline. "If Emma Watson wears a tight white dress, Shailene shall wear a tight white dress!" Hell, I can't knock Emma for much but I have to say that so far the wins are going to Shailene in the battle of the red carpet outfits....
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Maria Menounos and her extra butt got butted off Extra

Yes, it's a sad day for fans of Maria Menounos , for we have just learned that she and Extra have parted ways. It's not sad that she wont be hosting that piece of shit show anymore. What's sad is that there wont be any more ass shots of Maria doing her thing on the show. Those have become a staple of this site in recent years. I can't tell you how many slow news days were saved by some fresh...
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Might as well show Kate Upton's topless Sports Illustrated swimsuit outtakes

Since we posted some pics of Nina Agdal's outtakes from this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine, I think it's only fair that we give equal time to Kate Upton's own outtakes from this year's issue. I'm continually impressed with how much improved Kate is in the overall body department this year. She actually has some roundness in her hips and ass that's been missing in the last...
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Oh yeah, there was also Kate Upton's Sports Illustrated 2014 spread

Looks like they actually did manage to get Kate Upton on the cover of the 2014 SI Swimsuit edition - an unofficial cover anyway. Quite a spread she's got here, enough for her own edition. I don't think we've seen Kate look this good in awhile. She's back into a relatively good shape, not too many flabby skin rolls noticeable on her. It's not quite the impressive showing her early SI...
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Model Diana Morales does lingerie-wearing right

There are a ton of underwear models out there on the interwebs and elsewhere. We post a few of the more famous ones like Candice and Adriana and Nina and so forth. Those on the less famous end of that spectrum to blend together into a indistinguishable group of similar features and capabilities in their field. But every once in a while I come across one of the lesser known models who stands...
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Super hot MILF Jaimie Pressly is driving me nuts

Hot damn! Here's Jaime Pressly at the the premiere of THE NUT JOB . I didn't even know she was starring in that. Maybe I'll just have to go see it for myself just for another glimpse at those- Oh, wait. It's animated? Dammit. Well, there's always her voice that I can listen to, I suppose. Anyway, I always knew this lady had curves, but maybe it's just been a while since I've seen them in...
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Keeley Hazell brings her boobs out of retirement for FHM

It wasn't too long ago that Keeley Hazell made the sad announcement that she was retiring from titty mags and moving on to bigger and better things with her massive boobs. Not being in anything much at all since has apparently made Keeley rethink her eschewing of the spank mag and brought them boobies out of retirement for a fresh spread in this month's FHM. Good to see it. I don't know what...
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Stephanie Seymour trades in the bikini for a one piece, yet somehow gets hotter

I'll bet your holiday vacation days ended last week. Me, I never really got one, as I work in the IT field, which affords one little if any reprieve from folks bitching about shit not working. Then you got hotties like Stephanie Seymour , who live life on a perpetual vacation. Normally that kind of fortunate position in life has little bearing or meaning for the rest of us working week...
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Alice Eve celebrated the holidays bouncing around Barbados in a bikini

Doctor Carol Marcus, aka Alice Eve did like most people with ample means do nowadays and celebrated her Christmas festivities close to the equator down Barbados way. Meanwhile, everyone in Barbados was celebrating the sight of Alice working that curvy frame in a tiny little bikini. That is a sexy frame she's got here. I dig those childbearing hips and thick thighs. Those are singularly...
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Check out Kim Kardashian's post baby bikini body

Speaking of showing off asses, the pics of everyone's favorite reality joke, Kim Kardashian , showing off her post baby bikini body have come out. Nothing at all prearranged in these pics, as usual with her. I've been reading some of the supposed findings of many an internet detective, all with their own theories on the elaborate make-up or even prosthetic devices Kim must have applied to...
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