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Daisy Lowe brings her sideboob with a side of smiles to London fashion week

I get such a kick out of looking at Daisy Lowe doing just about anything. She's one of those people who always seems to be having a good time. The big Fashion Week road show is in London this week, so all the fine UK hotties are coming to see the fashion parade goodness. And right there in the middle is Daisy, crackin' those big smiles along with the big cleavage. It's all a...
5 days ago
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Daisy Lowe has another curvy dip in a sexy swimsuit

Most of the holiday hotties have come home from their vacations by now, but there are a few stragglers who simply can't get enough of that warm sun. It makes sense Daisy Lowe is one of those. Right now it's 42F and rainy right now in London, which is a stark contrast to Miami Beach's 77F and sunny. Girl was pretty much made for such activities, but unfortunately she's not gonna get a...
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For some reason Love magazine is still making advent calendar videos

I don't know if LOVE is simply not aware that most advent calendars stop at Christmas, or if they just had an excess of hotties wanting to do videos for their yearly holiday celebrations. All I can say here is that they're still going strong with these a full 10 days past Christmas by relabeling them as "bonus" advent days. Hey, I'm not complaining. If they want to stretch the pretense of...
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Daisy Lowe treats Miamians to a curvy bikini show

When it comes to the British tabloids, there seems to be an ongoing love affair with bashing Daisy Lowe and her curviness, which seems positively ridiculous to me. In recent months, Lowe has shown off a marked weight loss since her time on Strictly Come Dancing , a UK show similar to Dancing with the Stars , which also turns into the Z-lister diet show, since all the contestants shave off...
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Daisy Lowe packs her exceptional curves into an ordinary one piece

We don't see enough of Daisy Lowe . I mean that both in terms of her physical presence and also the once abundant barely dressed moments from the English hottie. It wasn't that long ago she was all over the place, doing her sexy spreads in a number of high profile things. I'm not sure what happened there, but lately she's been harder to come by. Fortunately she joins practically every other...
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Daisy Lowe is one super sexy dog walker

I don't know how she did during her turn on the British version of Dancing with the Stars mainly because I don't want to bother to go looking it up, but considering that we haven't seen any more images of Daisy Lowe in her workout dancing tights, I'm guessing things didn't shake out well for her. Then again, it might just be because it's much colder where that show is filming, all the...
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Daisy Lowe packs a lot of junk in her trunk

It would be so nice if the English paps, who frequently follow Daisy Lowe around, could make a point of capturing the impressive amount of trunk space she offers with her sweet ride. And no, I'm not talking about her Prius. Check out Daisy's gallery and you'll note this English hottie owns one of the finer backsides you're gonna see around London towne. That makes it something of a mystery...
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Daisy Lowe has her spandex game ready for her Strictly Dancing debut

I know that Daisy Lowe's main claim to fame is being the daughter of Bush frontman, Gavin Rossdale, but prior to getting that paternity stuff sorted, she had already kicked off a modeling career, based off her mother's background in fashion design. Since getting splashed in the news because of how her parentage might have meddled with Gwen Stefani's perfect life, Lowe has been seen more...
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I don't know what Daisy Lowe is up to here but I kinda love her for it

It's hard for me to process that Gavin Rossdale, that sexy lead singer of Bush, is old enough to have a daughter who just turned 27. Daisy Lowe , daughter of Rossdale and fashion designer Pearl Lowe, celebrated her birthday this past Friday night by slipping into a pink wig... and a see-through pink PVC dress because, let's face it, you only turn 27 once. (As I went to check, her birthday...
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Daisy Lowe did a fine job of closing out the holiday 2015 bikini season

It's funny how this time of year works. Hotties frolicking in bikini-wearing weather are supposed to be the purview of summer months, but the truth is that it's always summer somewhere. If you have the means and the time to pull of an endless summer, why not do it? Not that getting away from the cold was much of an issue for many of us who have a problem with that here in The States. What was...
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Daisy Lowe stuffs her curves into another skin tight dress

Curvaceous show off Daisy Lowe was making a roundabout attempt at getting into her ride following a party for Love Magazine the other night, for which the English hottie wore another of her many super tight dresses that show off those great curves of hers. She's obviously quite proud of all those great shapes undulating around her as she moves. I am as well. Were she my girl, I'd literally...
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I love Daisy Lowe for her Doc Martens

I just realized we had no profile for Daisy Lowe in the ever growing menagerie of fine womens represented over in our hotties gallery . My sincere apologies both to you and Daisy for overlooking such a brilliant show off hottie. One of the best sources for unabashed skin reveals right there, folks. Though I'm just as fond of Daisy's laid back, don't give a f*ck attitude. Just check her...
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