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BOTB Walking Dead: Christian Serratos vs Danai Gurira vs Lauren Cohan

Last week I jumped the gun and posted a battle based on a movie that's coming out this week instead of last, but we can look back and call it a nostalgia trip because everyone seemed eager to praise how good the ladies of the 1980's are looking in their 50's (and 60's). Diane Lane is still a big winner, besting Susanna Hoffs and Christie Brinkley. Now, for this week, I've heard that a...
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Danai Gurira knocks off heads in a different way for Bello magazine

I promise I won't get into a whole spoiler debate over the death of [redacted] on "The Walking Dead" from this past weekend's mid-season finale episode. I'm surprised that character lasted as long as they did, honestly. But with fans tuning in to make sure that the show wasn't killing off Daryl or Michonne, two of the biggest favorite from the series, I'm sure...
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Danai Gurira takes Michonne to the sexy side for Esquire

Bravo, Esquire magazine. While you continue to highlight women of a limited degree of white or whiter on your covers and main photo shoot layouts, you're at least catching on to the hip hotness of "The Walking Dead" fan favorite, Michonne, in the form of dark skinned goddess, Danai Gurira . Gurira goes beyond what is most "acceptable" in terms of a black woman in Hollywood, by not only having...
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The Top Ten Bad Ass Female Role Models

I can't take credit for this top ten list. I had help this week from Olivia, a teen in my life who was kinda disappointed with how much DIVERGENT was selling itself as a teen girl empowerment trip when there were so many other female characters who were bigger badasses. This is the list that Olivia compiled for me and her explanations as to why these hotties are the top ten best B ad A ss...
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Hot or Not: Danai Gurira

I really don't like Kyle Gallner. I understand that I am basing a majority of that opinion on the character of Beaver from "Veronica Mars" but I still don't like that actor. Without giving too much away regarding the ratings juggernaut that is "The Walking Dead" or the fact that Gallner showed up in the past Sunday night's episode, kicking off the fourth season of the zombie show, let's...
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