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Monica Bellucci is ravishing in a red dress with Roman ruins

I do hope that we get Bond's 25th outing in SPECTRE on time. Seems like filming on the movie has turned bad right away, which appears to be the trend with the production process in these Craig era Bond movies. Eventually something is going to crash or someone's going to get sliced up or otherwise damaged. Just recently Daniel messed up a knee and a second unit director almost got wasted by an...

Can Monica Bellucci pull off being a bond girl at 50?

You may have heard that they officially announced the new Bond flick this morning. And if you couldn't already tell from the background in these pics, the movie will be called SPECTRE, which indicates that it's either rebooting or resuming the story of that organization, which was a prominent element in past Bond movies. They also announced the cast, which obviously will feature Daniel Craig...

Rachel Weisz is one half of my favorite power couple

I'm not one of those people who gets all giddy thinking about who's dating who or who's getting married. I guess it's nice if they're happy and whatever, but I usually have more important things to focus on. That being said, there are a few celebrity couples out there I do find especially satisfying. Most people when they think of power couples go right away to Brangelina. Me, I'm all about...

Rachel Weisz looks a little cold in a hot red dress for Esquire

What do you guys think? Is Rachel Weisz the hottest 42-year-old on the planet? I don't think she's got many rivals for that position. This woman is just dripping with sticky sweet sensuality from every pore in her body, as exemplified by this latest spread for Esquire UK. I can't think of anything I don't find totally enrapturing about Rachel. Shall we go through the list? First and...

Top 10 Sexiest Movie Men of the Year

There's been many a petty complaint of the infrequent times that I've posted articles on the hot men of Hollywood. It seems that most of you are either so obsessed with looking at famous boobies (probably due to the fact that no girl in your real life will let you look at hers) or aren't comfortable enough with your sexuality to admit that dudes are hot too, or just can't forward the link to...

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