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BOTB Modern Scream Queens: America Olivo vs Danielle Harris vs Katrina Bowden

The ladies of THE SCORCH TRIALS were all big winners last week when their movie came in number one at the box office, even if they'll have to keep putting out that heat for the film to make back its budget. As far as the match up from last week, it appears you are sticking to the "ginger is best" credo and preferring Katherine McNamara by a very slight margin. This week, as TV starts...
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Danielle Harris gets photoshopped to death for GoreZone

Even if the included Twitpics here are mega blurry, I have to say that they're closer to demonstrating what hottie Danielle Harris looks like than the finished images that have been used for GoreZone magazine. They might have placed a Michael Myers in the background to suggest that the killer is out to get her but I wonder who the hell in their editing/image department thought that...
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Hottie Report Card: Danielle Harris

The schmoes have spoken! When you were faced with the challenge of picking out a Halloween-related hottie for this week's "Hottie Report Card", it proved to not be much of a challenge at all. You made it clear that modern scream queen Danielle Harris , who also starred in the old and new HALLOWEEN franchise, was the right choice to go with. Coincidentally, Danielle...
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The Hottie Stop interviews Danielle Harris from Halloween and Shiver

Danielle Harris has had a long career, starting at a young age and appearing in such favorites as HALLOWEEN 4 & 5, DON'T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER'S DEAD, and THE LAST BOY SCOUT. In 2007 she ironically starred in Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN remake (as well as the sequel) and has since continued in that genre, slowly becoming a modern day scream queen, playing in such cult...
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Scream queen Danielle Harris makes us (s)cream

When I first stumbled upon these images of the incredibly familiar-looking Danielle Harris , I thought maybe she was a taboo porn star. After looking her up, it occurred to me that she is indeed an actress, and an incredibly busy one at that. Danielle has a "scream queen" reputation for having first appeared in both HALLOWEEN 4 & 5, as well as the two Rob Zombie HALLOWEEN films. She's...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Katrina Bowden

Katrina Bowden has quickly become one of my favorite Hollywood hotties. She's right up there with Kate Beckinsale and Danielle Harris now. So allow me to take you back to a time when nobody knew who Ms. Bowden was.. on a little show called "30 Rock." This Hottie Clip of the Day features one of the first episodes of "30 Rock" and the gorgeous actress as she tries out a bunch of sexy...
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Danielle Harris brings her sexy side to the Hatchet 2 premiere

One of the things that I get the biggest kick out of is recognizing my moments of dorkocity in life. About 10 years ago (yes, I vividly remember the time period), I got violent ill with the flu in that manner in which people get sick from the flu every decade or so. I was draped over my beaten up couch, alternating between passing out from the sheer exhaustion of throwing up the water that I...
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Body Shop: Danielle Harris

I'm a horror fan at heart, so this week's lady has been a fav of mine for over two decades, but I'm not sure how familiar most movie fans are with her. She's been acting since age 8, and even though she's in her mid-thirties now, babe has got the kind of looks that appear way younger than her age. Hell she may be well into her 40's before hitting her best days. So...
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Hottie Clip #463

Danielle Harris' Sexy Bra & Ass - "LEFT FOR DEAD"
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Harris Does FHM

The little girl you all remember from the old "Halloween" series as Jamie Lloyd is now all grown up and posing for the sexiest photoshoots that I've seen in a while. Danielle Harris has become quite the fox now and I can't believe that she's 30 years old now. In the great shots below, Danielle puts her perfect figure on display for the December issue of "FHM" magazine and you can consider...
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Premiere Pics: "Halloween"

To be perfectly honest, casting Danielle Harris in the new "Halloween" remake was a genious move by Rob Zombie but I feel a little uncomfortable with the decision. First of all, Danielle is apparently naked in the movie which is strange for me and I'm sure other "Halloween" fans because she'll always be little Jamie from the original films to us. It's going to be very difficult to watch...
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Danielle Is Babysitter Terrorized By Masked Psycho?

Danielle Harris, who you may remember as the foul-mouthed, upstart daughter of Bruce Wills' boozy, tough-as-nails cop character in THE LAST BOY SCOUT or from her myriad of past TV and film roles (she's apparently been acting since she was a fetus), will, according to the horror aficionados over at Fangoria , be the heir to the terrified babysitter throne of Jamie Lee Curtis in...
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