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Part 2 of Nina Agdal's Maxim spread is the rare superior sequel

I've said it before and I'll say it again - when you're in need of a really super hot magazine spread from one of the finest models in the world right now, there's no better hottie to turn to than Nina Agdal . The proof is the next round of pics from her Maxim spread in this month's issue, where she turns up the heat on her explorations of her own hotness. That last pic puts me in mind of a...
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Nina Agdal once again steals the Si Swimsuit show

I'm of two minds on making Kate Upton the cover girl on yet another SI swimsuit edition. I guess I understand why they did it. Yes, Kate sells magazines. Or rather, Kate's boobs sell magazines. So putting them front and center is just good business sense. Still, there are so many worthwhile hotties in every issue who go above and beyond to make a good impression. Take Nina Agdal here,...
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Nina Agdal hangs out on her hog and tiny chairs while in the buff

If there's one thing Nina Agdal does best, it's getting naked. Girl shows off uncovered skin about as well as anyone ever has. The second best thing Nina does is strategically covering up naked flesh in photo spreads, like her latest in the pages of the new Maxim. She has an incredible knack for showing off everything while showing nothing. Now obviously I'm much more enthusiastic about...
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Nina Agdal gives us a sneak peek into her 2017 SI Swimsuit

It shouldn't come as a surprise to see Nina Agdal is going to be a part of Sports Illustrated's 2017 Swimsuit edition. Nor is it shocking she should be the means by which they introduce the first taste of their new offerings there. I figure she'll be a main event in this thing for some time. I sure hope they bring back some of their other heavy hitters as well, Barbara Palvin most...
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Nina Agdal puts a sexy new spin on jeggings

If you don't know what jeggings are, just ask your girlfriend. Or, if you don't have one of those, suffice it to say that they're a Lycra-based means of recreating the skinny jeans look for those who either can't wear those jeans, or want the comfort of leggings without the organ-crushing issues related to denim barely sufficient to get a normal sized arm through, much less a...
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Nina Agdal has no trouble getting a cab

Wearing jeans as tight as Nina Agdal had on in NYC the other day pretty much assured her a quick cab ride. I'm surprised there wasn't a multi-car pile up there thanks to cabs desperate to get that sweet ass of hers into their back seat. Hell, she could probably hail regular cars trying to give her a ride. Just a bunch of dudes in Civics offering Nina cash to take her wherever she wants to...
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Coney Island's mermaids prompt Nina Agdal to literally come out of her shell

Tasty Danish Nina Agdal gave her Sports Illustrated swimsuit modelling a break to be an interviewer for SI's Swim Daily site. This had her out at Coney Island's Mermaid Parade, which is an excuse for hordes of New Yorkers to dress up weird, or just cover their bodies in paint and walk naked in the streets of a NYC borough. I'm sure it was pretty hard for Nina not to join in with the...
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Nina Agdal could use a good shave

Hotties covered only by something creamy and easily removed is one of those perfect fantasies many a guy hopes and prays he'll one day get to experience before he dies. Unfortunately, none of the women I've known in my time has ever thought to cover their sensitive areas in a thick lather for my benefit. I try not to take that personally, preferring to chalk it up to a lack of communication...
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Flashback Friday: Remember when Connie Nielsen was in everything?

I was browsing around the various on demand movie options the other night and happened upon a guilty favorite of mine, namely the 1998 Kurt Russel sci-fi vehicle SOLDIER. Not a great film, although it does have its moments, as is the case with most Paul W.S. Anderson movies. It also fits into that sweet spot for movies costarring Connie Nielsen . You may not recognize that name, but...
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Nina Agdal in dental floss is always a good thing

It seems to me that tiny g-strings are available to only a select form of woman. Think about it. Obviously being too fat wont do there, but also being too skinny is a drawback with the g-string. It's not a good look when underwear essentially disappears amid one's fat rolls, but neither is it all that appealing when they dangle loosely out of a butt. Lets face it, the only people who have any...
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Nina Agdal gradually loses all her clothes in her latest photo shoot

Nina Agdal has a knack for losing her clothes. That's one of the things I love most about her, other than just how amazing she looks without clothes on. I'm also charmed by how much fun she has doing what she does. She's often seen goofing off or just laughing and having a good time at her photo shoots. That's because doesn't take any of what she does too seriously, which I think is the...
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Nina Agdal in the buff is all you need for a great photospread

Here's a nice little demonstration of why Nina Agdal is such a well covered topic around here. Normally when we post something featuring this delicious Danish, she's wearing some kind of bikini or swimsuit. Those are nice enough, but as is always the case, it's far better to get the complete Agdal experience, unhindered by anything more than a few strategically placed fingertips....
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