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Rosario Dawson spreads the sexy fun for the premiere of her new movie

You gotta love Rosario Dawson . Girl always seems to be having a good time. Doesn't matter if she's doing some political advocacy stuff, or just hanging out around town, or attending the premiere of her new movie. Girl can make a party out of anything. There's not an ounce of pretentiousness in her either. It's obvious she isn't taking any of this shit seriously. None of that posing for the...
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Krysten Ritter slips into Jessica Jones' denim & leather on Defenders set

If you think it took a long time for us to get that Veronica Mars movie and finally dive back into the high-jinx of the alumni of Neptune High, well, you better buckle up buttercup, because it's going to be a long wait until we get the second season of Jessica Jones . First we got to meet NetFlix's Matt Murdock in the form of Charlie Cox. Then a little Jessica. Then a little bit more Matt....
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The Top 6 Netflix Hotties (video)

They just came out with a survey saying something like 95% of Netflix's customers are satisfied with the experience they have there. Makes sense, when you consider all the fine ass hotties they got running around on some of their original series. If you have a Netflix subscription, you've probably seen at least one or maybe even all of the shows this week's Top 6 hotties...
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Deborah Ann Woll is a hot potato in her new spread

Deborah Ann Woll has a spread in oddly named magazine The New Potato this month. Hardly the sort of thing you want to name a magazine wherein creatures like Deborah look this ravishing. This spread typifies something I've come to understand about Deb, namely how she needs the right kind of lighting to bring out her true beauty. That doesn't sound flattering, but it's not meant as a knock....
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Deborah Ann Woll's new magazine spread earns her 7 years bad luck

Those of you prone to superstition will probably find much of what's going on in Deborah Ann Woll's new spread a bit disturbing. I'm not prone to superstition, so I can simply admire the wonderful qualities of the Daredevil star doing her thing. Although I'm a little concerned for her fingers in a few of these. Glass shards in the skin are bitch. I do really like how they brought back a...
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Deborah Ann Woll looked good enough to fight over at the Civil War premiere

Deborah Ann Woll was there for the premiere Daredevil's bigger Marvel brother CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, looking all hot in her burgundy dress. Deb always makes a nice showing, though I kinda wish she'd go back to the red hair during the show's downtime. I'm just a nitpicking there. Speaking of Daredevil, I just finished watching season 2 the other day. They really pack...
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Hot or Not: Elodie Yung

I didn't make it out to see BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE this weekend, partly because I didn't have the time and partly because even before I saw the trailers, I didn't have much interest in the movie to start with. I understand that most people were decidedly unsatisfied with it ( including its star, Ben Affleck ) aside from last week's featured babe, Gal Gadot, as Wonder Woman....
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Hottie Report Card: Deborah Ann Woll

Are you enjoying the Daredevil show? There's a series with something for everyone. You like geeking out to the comic book heroes? They got that. You down for some serious fight scenes? It has those. Basically, any kind of action and intrigue you could want, they're dabbling in it. How about the hotties though? No shortage of those on there. One Daredevil hottie in particular has stood...
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Deborah Ann Woll is a gorgeous slice of neapolitan hotness

I wish I could get with the program on Deborah Ann Woll's blonde hair. I know it's her natural look and all, but I got seriously, deeply smitten with her back when she rocked the red. It's proven hard to let it go. Anyway, it doesn't matter in the big picture. Hair is far from a deal breaker on her. Deborah and the rest of her Daredevil costars have been making the rounds, drumming up...
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Deborah Ann Woll was a drop dead gorgeous bombshell at S2 premiere of Daredevil

Deborah Ann Woll sure knows how to keep a superhero's low profile when she's not in character. I don't think we've done a single post on the gorgeous blonde (alas, I don't think we're going to be seeing the red again) since the first season of her NetFlix show, "Daredevil," finished its promotional duties last year. I understand that she's been supportive of her boyfriend, who is suffering...
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A wee bit of Krysten Ritter side boob at the Jessica Jones premiere

As if Daredevil – Netflix's first foray into Marvel's grittier, street-level superhero lore – wasn't enough to spark an interest in the up-and-coming Jessica Jones series, we get Krysten Ritter using the side of her breast at the premier to amp up interest. Again, another example of the new cut-out trend; this time it's just two strategically placed cuts along...
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Deborah Ann Woll is so beautiful she glows

It sucks that a Deborah Ann Woll magazine spread or any kind of photo spread is such a rarity. With a face like that, you'd think she would be everywhere, all the time. The Daredevil star did manage to show up for Canada's Glow magazine this month, looking like an angel in close up. Look at those big, blue eyes. What a face she has. It's good enough to make me forget about how much I...
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