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Eva Green is our Hottie of the Month for September 2016 (video)

We're not kidding when we say  Eva Green  absense from the big screen over this last year has been somewhat... dreadful. Luckily, she'll be returning next week in Tim Burton's MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN , portraying a character whom she refers to as "Scary Poppins with a big heart." Sounds quite a bit different from the...
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Top 6 Sexiest Witches in Movies

Historically speaking, witches haven't always been looked at by society as particularly attractive. Apart from the occasional spell cast to make themselves look attractive, they've usually been depicted as nasty hags. It's only in the last half a century or so that the witch has enjoyed a chance of perspective, going from hags to hotties in many TV shows, movies and other...
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Flashback Friday: Michelle Pfeiffer is the best catwoman and the best in general

Nowadays you're likely to find more people praising the virtues of Anne Hathaway's take on the much beloved Catwoman character. Anne did a fine job, but for my money, no one captured the character better than Michelle Pfeiffer . Totally crazy, totally hot, violent, playful and twisted, her patent leather pussycat is where my mind goes when I think of Batman's on again,...
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If no one is bothering to notice that ChloŽ Grace Moretz is 16, then I guess I wont either

Am I exhibiting a backward, puritanical, fuddy duddy attitude when I choose to give consideration to the legal status of ChloŽ Grace Moretz and her availability as a sexual creature? Because if the sexually charged nature of her performances lately are any indication of what Hollywood thinks of her, it doesn't seem like anyone there is especially concerned about such things. And if that's...
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G'Day Bella Heathcote! My, aren't you pretty!

Another one of those really intense looking Aussie women to have gotten her start on the long-running Aussie soap, "Neighbours," Bella Heathcote has recently been showing up in American movies like IN TIME and DARK SHADOWS. Not that it's surprising that Tim Burton would cast her in one of his flicks considering that she looks a bit like the younger Lisa Marie... we're not supposed to mention...
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Top 10 Hottest Movie MILFS of 2012

Everyone loves their mommies, right? Can you imagine if some of the moms from the films of 2012 happened to be, well, not yours because that would be sorta gross, but your best friend's mom. Because all of these ladies have got it going on. Many are MILFs in real life as well, but pondering the impact that moms had on the cinema this year, here's what I've got for ya.
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