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Flashback Friday: Laura Harring made the best first impression ever

It's not every day that someone shows up in one of their first feature films and does something so amazing that it sticks in your memory years later. Even more unusual is when that first role remains the thing you remember most about that actor, even after a decade and a half of work in plenty of other things. Such is the case for me and Laura Harring . Those of you familiar with Laura...
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Flashback Friday: Remember Mädchen Amick?

There are a few hotties who I will always associate with the 90s. They're the ones who take me back to those bygone days of flannel and baggy jeans whenever I see them again. One of my favorites from that group of hotties is the enchanting Mädchen Amick . While perhaps not the biggest name anymore and only moderately well known in her day, she will always be goddess in my eyes. Mädchen...
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