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Judy Greer rocks the metallics at the Creative Emmys

She's not exactly your conventional hottie but I've always had a thing for Judy Greer . She's long and leggy with a killer sense of humour, playing the best friend in just about everything (which made for a great title for her autobiography, I Don't Know What You Know Me From) and while I could totally do without the misuse of her awesomeness in those cell phone commercials ( "Tacos!" ), I...
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Keri Russell laughs it up at her Berlin photocall

I'm getting behind on my movie going. Sure, I've taken the time to go see the limited releases SNOWPIERCER and LIFE ITSELF and yeah, I definitely plan on spending money to go see my guilty pleasure franchise STEP UP: ALL IN this upcoming weekend but I still haven't gotten around to watching DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, even with all the people telling me how great it is. Equally as great is...
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Keri Russell is simply sexy in London

She's enjoying the success that comes from a movie opening big at the box office and now Keri Russell is keeping up her DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES momentum by appearing on the British talk show, "Lorraine." For as many people who laud Andy Serkis for his facial expressions conveyed with CGI into ape Caeser, it seems that Russell might be one of the few giving the acclaim elsewhere. "I...
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Hottie Report Card: Keri Russell

Settle down, class! Quit monkeying around! I know most of us are going apeshit over DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES , which came out today. That's why our student under study this week is longtime movie hottie Keri Russell , who also currently stars on "The Americans" on FX. At this point, her hotness probably doesn't need any further analysis, but that won't...
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BOTB Ape Babes: Estella Warren vs Freida Pinto vs Keri Russell

Last week most of you stayed away from EARTH TO ECHO as well as the Battle of the Babes for that week. Sure, I could not take it personally considering that last week was the 4th of July holiday weekend (which seems to be celebrated by just as many non-Americans as they come in droves to the US on their holidays) but I like playing the martyr. Nothing for Rachael Taylor to feel bad...
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Try not to go too ape-s#!& with these sexy Keri Russell pics

Ah, Keri Russell . What an amazingly sexy woman. Whenever I see her, I get the fantasy that she's one of my mom's friends and she comes over to my house to seduce me in some revealing lingerie. My mom's friend. Not my momů I love Russell's beauty because it's the type where she doesn't even really try and be sexy. It just exudes off her like a smell and encapsulates you, leaving you no chance...
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The Top Ten Prettiest Pals of PETA

With the nation just recovering from too much BBQ and beer this past Independence Day weekend, it's time to return to a state of anxiety, what with our fear of animal overlords coming to replace us on the food pyramid, hastened by our need to go see DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES These pretty ladies all have a huge head start on the rest of us flesh bags, what with their dedication to PETA...
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