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Soap star Camila Banus rocks some awesome Hollywood curves

I'm considering the possibility that I should watch more daytime TV soaps, what with all the fine women they're casting in what remains of the classic shows. I recall life as a toddler, sitting with my homemaker mother and watching these things. Back then it seemed the focus was on the handsome, debonair dudes who could charm the pants off the lonely housewives stuck looking after...
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Camila Banus does some cleavy pre-Oscars gaming

I think I might have left off a major hottie when I did that Top Ten Hottest Soap Opera Actresses list last year. Then again, it's not as if I have the time to watch that kind of shit during the day, or the night, really. Still, I might have to make more time to find babes like Camila Banus . She plays a character named Gabi Hernandez on Days of Our Lives but I still haven't figured out if...
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Camila Banus is one good reason to watch a soap opera

Soap operas have always been goofy. But back in the day, when 3 channels were all there were, soaps were what you watched if you were home in the afternoon and had the tube on. I know, because my mom watched a ton of them when I was but a tike. Nowadays we have any number of entertainment options available to us 24/7, which makes me wonder why anyone still watches soaps. Even my mom abandoned...
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If I were a dude, I'd still wanna do Lisa Rinna, is that Bazaar?

She's been kicking around long enough that Harry Hamlin's wife will be turning 50 later this year and she's hit up every possible angle in life that's been offered to her. She was a cheerleader from middle school through high school, managed to excel at tennis and snow skiing, of all things. One of the few women to pose nude and pregnant in 1998 for Playboy. She's appeared on one of the longest...
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