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Michelle Keegan makes going out in her nightgown fashionably gorgeous

Alright, so maybe it isn't a nightgown, but I'm a dude who wears Monty Python t-shirts and excessively baggy jeans, so I don't have any idea how fashion really works. I also don't believe nightgowns should exist. Women should sleep naked and that's that (unless they just want to wear really long socks and nothing else). It's just the way God would have wanted it. Either...

Maria Menounos and her booty attack a very surprised and happy Zoe Saldana

I guess Zoe Saldana went onto Extra to talk about her new movie, OUT OF THE FURNACE , but based off these pictures, it would appear that Zoe loves Maria Menounos and her booty just as much as I do and went to this television program just to pay respects to the thing. It was then that Maria welcomed her with open arms, which came as a legitimate surprise to Zoe. They embraced, kissed...

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