Let's remember all the good times we've had with Carrie Fisher

By most accounts 2016 has been a pretty awful year, in particular when it comes to celebrities. We've lost so many it has become ridiculous. If they discovered some sort of conspiracy happening to kill off beloved members of our various performing communities, I don't think many of us would be surprised at this point. As you have probably heard by now, our beloved Carrie Fisher just...
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Natalie Dormer is the dark and moody type for her Vanity Fair spread

The dark tone of Natalie Dormer's Vanity Fair spread probably echos a little something about the fate of her GoT character in the recent season finale. I hate to delve into spoilers, but anyone who cares about the show probably already knows that Natalie's Margaery Tyrell character was brutally killed by rival and generally evil bitch Cersei Lannister. The whole subplot with...
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Flashback Friday: Check out Marilyn Monroe being sexy from start to finish

We're going way back this week for our little flashback experience. I ran across these pics of Marilyn Monroe the other day and found them intriguing. It's not like we haven't seen these before or that they depict Marilyn in some unusual light. Rather, it's their bookend quality, representing the state of the legendary hottie at both the start of her illustrious career and at the...
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Classic Hotties: Audrey Hepburn

One of the great screen icons of her day, Audrey Hepburn was a phenomenon right from the beginning. A paragon of style and taste, she charmed audiences and many a leading man for years as the delicate, nymph-like vision of beauty with a look and style that revitalized a film industry growing stale after years of blonde bombshell starlets. Her skills as an actress vaulted her into the...
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