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Flashback Friday: What can you say about Anna Nicole Smith?

You could say a lot of things about Anna Nicole Smith . Annoying? Yeah. Dumb as a bag of hammers? Yep. Most people remember her for those things and maybe the circumstances of her untimely death, if they remember her at all. They forget that, back in the early 90s, Anna Nicole was giving the whole world boners, serving as an early version of Kate Upton or Christina Hendricks . And...
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Classic Hotties: Veronica Lake

In the long history of Hollywood, there is no sadder story than the tragedy of a career that almost was. Such is the story of Veronica Lake , who for a brief time was a much imitated icon of fashion and a phenomenon of sultry beauty. Though the flame of her fame burned bright, it could not last. The heights of Veronica's rise to Hollywood glory were only shadowed by the startling...
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