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Niykee Heaton is sizzling, see-through in Complex magazine

I am getting too old for some of this shit. While I can follow along with most of the social media blitzy crap, hashtagging and all that whatever, there will still be something that trips me up. This time it's the concept of a "thirst trap," which is what they're calling images posted on social media that are designed to gain attention (or get you thirsty... OH-KAY.) Singer...
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Russell Simmons is living the hip hop mogul dream with his hottie model girlfriend

Here's all the proof you need that the only thing a guy really needs to get himself a fine piece of ass is a shit load of cash. Thus the impressive track record of hip hop kingpin Russell Simmons, seen here on a beach with his new model girlfriend Hana Nistsche and her fine, plump ass. Now I'm sure Russell is a charming guy. After 55 years, dude has probably developed himself a nice game to...
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