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Hottie Clip: Kate Albrecht and others in Deep in the Valley (2009)

Before he was duking it out with aliens and genetically enhanced monsters, Chris Pratt was typecast as just another one of Hollywood's many "loveable idiots". Lucky for him, however, he didn't wind up suffering some Sean William Scott-esque fate, eagerly awaiting the script for AMERICAN PIE: RETIREMENT HOME. Those familiar with Pratt's work on Parks and...
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Flashback Friday: Remember the goodness of a pre-Sheen Denise Richards

Our last Flashback was devoted to memories of Neve Campbell . It makes sense we now look to her former lip-locking buddy Denise Richards for our flashing back needs. Denise just turned 45 this week. I don't know what to do about this, other than to make my usual pathetic whine lamenting the cruel passing of the years. I have fond memories of Denise, despite the polarizing effect...
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Hottie Clip: Denise Richards & Krista Allen in Significant Mother

It's been a while since we've had the opportunity to see Denise Richards  show off her hottie chops, and it's been a much longer while since we've seen elevator babe of our dreams Krista Allen in, well, anything. Luckily the CW has made a change in pace for the latter hottie's career thanks to her new comedy series "Significant Mother", which...
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TGIFs: Soaking Wet Gifs Edition (Exclusive)

This past week saw the official conclusion of summer, but the sun is still ablaze and people are looking for any excuse to dump pails of water all over themselves. Last year, we had the "ALS ice bucket challenge" excuse, but apparently that was a one time deal. It doesn't help that we're smack dab in the middle of a drought over here in California,...
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Denise Richards is eating ice cream in a bikini because of course she is

I don't particularly care for the shaming this and shaming that nonsense that goes on. I can realistically look at Denise Richards in a Jets bikini, languidly licking at a pink ice cream cone in what is clearly a staged set of photographs trying to pass themselves off as casual. I laugh more at the concept that anyone would believe that Richards was caught having a sugary snack while in...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Sexiest Movie Scientists

The long brewing next installment in the JURASSIC PARK franchise releases today, starring the lovely Bryce Dallas Howard as the head dino crackpot, deluded into thinking nature wont find a way to allow giant reptiles to eat people alive. Hottie scientists are a rare breed in society. The lifestyle tends to monopolize time that might otherwise be spent on excesses of personal...
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TGIFs: 8 Hot Tub Hottie Gifs!

The sequel everyone but John Cusack knew would be coming, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2 , can be seen in theaters this weekend. Naturally, that give us a much needed excuse to look at some gifs of hotties in hot tubs (like the one above of  Fabiana Udenio as "Alotta Fagina" in the first AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY).  I've never been crazy...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Sexiest Undercover Agents from Movies!

Sexy secret agents are one of those time-tested espionage facets - at least as far as movies go. Your spy movie just isn't complete unless you have at least one fine ass hottie who specializes in extracting information from a dude, preferably by looking so hot that any poor baddy with the secret codes can't help but spill the beans. We've collected a few such spying sex...
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Exclusive Video: Movie Hotties in Short Shorts!

We're smack-dab in the middle of Spring, which means there are many months of sun ahead. The heat has already arrived early, but it isn't bikini season just yet. Short shorts, however, are completely relevant right now. This got us thinking about all the great short shorts moments in movies, of which there are plenty. There's Gemma Arterton in TAMARA DREWE, Vanessa Ferlito in DEATH...
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And now, a tribute to Our Favorite Wet T-Shirts in Movies!

You may or may not know this, but Spring Break season is already getting started. I still haven't taken down the Christmas lights, and apparently Mardi Gras began last Tuesday. Despite the current weather not being ideal Spring Break weather, I feel compelled to dress up as Alien and make my way over to Tijuana. It's saddening that the older you get, the slimmer your...
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TGIFs: Top 8 Tongue-Tied Hottie Gifs

Did everyone have a kick ass New Year's Eve? I sure did. A lot of people like to start off the new year with a midnight kiss with a significant other, and that includes myself, if a French bull dog qualifies. As much fun as making out can be, it's not nearly as fun to watch others do it (this is why I hate romantic comedies). Unless, of course, you're watching two hotties in the act....
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MovieHotties presents: Our Favorite Movie Cat Fights!

Movie Cat Fights!!! That's right, gather your friends and put on your ponchos, for we're about to pay tribute to some of cinema's most classic (and some not so classic) cat fights! You've seen our video tributes to Movie Strippers , Movie Beach Babes , Movie Cheerleaders and even Movie Car Washes , but now it's time we throw some muscle into the...
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