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Miranda Cosgrove looks sultry and grown up for Flesh & Spirit magazine

I think Miranda Cosgrove got the memo about how her former "iCarly" co-star, Jennette McCurdy has been sexing things up with her photoshoots (and lovely leaked snaps) and has tried to up her own ante. In this black and white photoshoot for Flesh & Spirit magazine, Miranda is looking more grown up and definitely working the sultry angle that she has with her brunette locks and fair...
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Hot or Not: Miranda Cosgrove

I am a sucker. I like those little yellow dudes who make beep-boop noises. And I know I'm not the only one, since every summer release that I've gone to see in the theater has resulted in me listening to everyone in the seats laughing hysterically over the Minions in the DESPICABLE ME 2 trailer. Yet, is it possible for us to all feel the same way about one of the film's voice stars?...
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