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BOTB 80's Ladies Today: Christie Brinkley vs Susanna Hoffs vs Diane Lane

I think a lot of you were partial to ALL of the ladies of Greek week, but more so for Tiffani Thiessen, who kicked off a lot of guys' journey into manhood (or perhaps just their fist stop at masturbation station). I started thinking about the complaint that the image of Tiffani was too old (to be fair, all of the images I used were more than a few years dated) and the fact that this...
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Diane Lane passed her hottie genes down to daughter Eleanor Lambert

Mother and daughter duo Lea Thompson and Zoey Deutch have some serious competition. At the New York premiere of BATMAN VS SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE , our sexiest Ma Kent to date, Diane Lane , showed up with her 22-year old daughter, Eleanor Lambert and the crowds went wild. Eleanor's father is HIGHLANDER actor and Lane's first husband, Christopher Lambert, and the combination of 1980's...
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Face Off: Diane Lane vs. Monica Bellucci

Despite all the many similarities between Diora Baird and Sara Malakul Lane , I went with Sara in last week's Face Off . Ya'll went with Diora. I can understand. Diora is the more familiar of the two for many people, but Sara is catching up to her real quick there. I expect she'll only get more popular after her KICKBOXER remake premieres next year. A lot of hype has been made...
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Diane Lane proves she's still got it at the Trumbo premiere

Not that her endurance there should come as any kind of surprise. Diane Lane has already proven she can keep on running well past the point where many others break down and stall. And unlike the rest, I continue to have more and more respect for her lasting appeal the more years pass by. It's not like I'm necessarily fixated on the older women. Around these parts I seem to find myself...
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Dakota Fanning & Diane Lane are perfect complements for NY Film Critics

When you need an actress who can fit the bill as a hard-working, earnest cop-like woman (who's still far too attractive even with the toughened makeup palette), you call upon Diane Lane . For the past decade or so, we've watched as Lane transitioned into being that dependable type, the approachable beauty we're willing to buy is a detective with no personal life. Things aren't changing in...
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BOTB Storm Sirens: Diane Lane vs Emmy Rossum vs Moon Bloodgood

No one is all that into babes who shave their heads, I understand that. Most of you can barely tolerate short hair. So last week's battle, which I thought would be a fun departure from the norm (sorta like an actress shaving her head), turned out to fall kinda flat, with the minimal responses still siding with Charlize as being hotness of the buzzcuts. This week, instead of thinking...
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Top Ten Hottest MILFs of 2013

Everybody loves a sexy mom, right? That's the concept which floats across the movie making industry, as they cast hot actress after hot actress to play maternal figures in everything from dramas to comedies to action flicks to superhero sagas. If she's a badass, that's only more of a plus. So here's my Top Ten favorite movie MILFs from this past year.
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The Top Ten Hottest Babes over 40

Call the the top ten hottest women in Hollywood over the age of 40 who AREN'T Halle Berry. I am missing a ton here, I know that, as women continue to maintain and retain their looks much longer than those from the past, but ugly on the inside just didn't trump it for me in this installment of the Sexy Ten Spot. Sorry Halle, might want to work on some crazy crunches instead of your abs. And on...
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Flashback Friday: Enjoy a little 80's Diane Lane

Our favorite female news editor Cherry Liquor put out a Top 10 Hotties of the 80s list the other day. That was a mighty fine list of that decades hottest hotties. Unfortunately for Cherry, there just weren't enough places to properly address the abundance of fine female flesh that decade put out into the world. Gotta give her props for putting together a great list anyway. A few...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Diane Lane

Diane Lane is gorgeous. She is sexy. She's basically every compliment there is. She's always been one of my favorite Hollywood hotties and I'm sure she's on a lot of your Top 10s as well. For Diane Lane's Hottie Clip of the Day I've decided to go with A WALK ON THE MOON and this scene where Viggo Mortensen easily seduces Lane. Just look at this woman! She oozes sexy. Diane...
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Face Off: Diane Lane vs. Amy Adams

Pretty clear win for Alison Brie over Gillian Jacobs in last week's Face Off . Can't say I'm all that surprised. With the following that girl has, she could start her own religion. Brieism. Alisonity. There's a faith we can all believe in. Only 4 days til MAN OF STEEL comes out. I'm sure many of you are looking forward to that. Apart from being about Superman, which is pretty good...
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Diane Lane is back on the market

Sup, cougar bait. In the market for probably the most eligible 48-year-old newly single hottie walking the planet right now? That's right, the eternally hot Diane Lane has announced her divorce from husband of 8 years, Josh Brolin. Diane has been making existence just a little more special for 4 decades now and will soon be doing so all by her lonesome, which is just fine by me. Her marriage...
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