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Taylor Swift goes for the glittery replicant look in the latest issue of Vogue

Hmm. That short, fuzzy blonde hair cut. Those impossibly long legs. The futuristic style of clothing. It's as if Melanie Griffith in CHERRY 2000 and Daryl Hannah in BLADE RUNNER had a very tame baby. Even the people behind Vogue magazine are saying this is " Taylor Swift as you've never seen her before." I'm not a huge hater of Tay-Tay, although I find it grating that women seem to label her...
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Chloe Sevigny fishes up some Halloween costume ideas in the Marfa Journal

I don't know how anyone can be shocked by what Chloe Sevigny decides to do for a magazine photoshoot, considering that she's well known for giving an unsimulated blowjob to director and former boyfriend Vincent Gallo in the movie THE BROWN BUNNY. The artistic choice cost Sevigny the clout that she'd been building up in Hollywood since she first wowed critics in 1995's KIDS and it feels as...
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There's quite a startling difference between Emilia Clarke and her Khaleesi alter ego

I just can't get over the transformation Emilia Clarke undergoes when she dons that blonde hair and becomes Daenerys, the last remaining descendant of house Targaryen on Game of Thrones. Natural Emilia is a completely different person, as evidenced by her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel the other night. Her whole face changes. She's beautiful, but not Daenerys. If I saw her walking down the...
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