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Hottie Clip: Diora Baird in Hot Tamale

Today marks the 33rd birthday of Diora Baird , and you know how much we like to make the world aware when a hottie's just turned a year older! Many have grown accustomed to this Miami born beauty, including yours truly, for her long-running career of mostly smaller roles. Even when we're promised only a few seconds of screentime with her, we can expect to be made very happy...
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The Top 10 Sexiest Women from Miami

For the people who are looking for a break from the serious awards season fodder or those who have had their local theater ban them from watching STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS for the 19,000th time, there's the sure to make money RIDE ALONG 2 , with the new generation's Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart. They decided to take the brothers-in-law (har har har, so damn witty...) to Miami for the sequel,...
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Exclusive Video: A Halloween Tribute to Movie Hotties in Costumes!

Seasons greetings, boils and ghouls! From the number of houses decorated on my neighborhood block, it seems at least 5% of common peeps are still celebrating Hallow's Eve. The spooky holiday has undergone many changes over the years, but one tradition that has only grown stronger is the movement of girls scantly-clad costumes. In fact, you might even say this tradition has become one of...
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Face Off: Diora Baird vs. Sara Malakul Lane

I've been trying to think of a way to get Diora Baird and Sara Malakul Lane into Face Offs for some time now. There just never seemed to be anyone I could put up against either hottie who matched up with them. Then it hit me that they could easily go up against one another. They're beautiful, voluptuous, highly sexual women who aren't afraid to show off all those great characteristics...
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Exclusive Video: A Tribute to Hotties in Underpants Vol. 2!

You may recall a couple of years back when we introduced you to a video tribute of our favorite Movie Hotties in underpants . Well, after careful review and consideration, we've come to the realization that there's an ongoing list of classic cinematic moments which feature some of our favorite hotties in either bras, panties, on or the other, or at best, neither. Thus, we've...
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It's 4/20, so here's a bunch of hotties on grass!

If you've noticed the drive-thru line at Taco Bell being especially long today, that's because it's 4/20! Yes, 4/20, the made-up "holiday" founded by stoners which celebrates stoner culture (it also inadvertently celebrates Hitler's birthday). Supposedly, some kids at some high school would meet everyday at 4:20 in the afternoon with their bongs and paper rolls...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Diora Baird

We're taking a break from "Deleted Scenes December" for tonight, but don't shed a tear, it will be back. It just felt like an appropriate time to check out Diora Baird in her first legitimate hottie role in several years. The 2014 film BEAUTIFUL GIRL couldn't have a more appropriate title, as you'll learn in these following clips which feature the fan...
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Exclusive Video: A Tribute to Stacked Hotties

"Who doesn't love tits?", as Leonardo Dicaprio once said whilst portraying Howard Hughes in THE AVIATOR. There's a short list of moments in a given day that wouldn't be greatly improved with a tasty set of cans, and I'm not talking about chicken soup. While we firmly appreciate celebrity racks of all shapes and sizes at MovieHotties, today we'll...
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The Top Ten Hottest Michael Bay Babes

We're getting a new Michael Bay film spooged onto us this weekend. Let's face it, that's about the best way to describe a Bay film getting released, with the speed, grace and accuracy in which the marketing campaign slams into the movie watching world. Over the years Bay has been predictable to a point of comfort - we know what we're going to get, we know that there's a lot that we're going to...
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TGIFS: Poolside Hotties Edition (Exclusive)

It's that special time of year for MovieHotties and hottie admirers such as yourself, as Summer is officially a go! I don't need to tell you why this time of year is so special, but let me narrow it down to 3 words: bikinis, bikinis, and bikinis! You never know when or where one of our most beloved gals might pop up, so now is the time to keep your eyes peeled, because hotties...
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TGIFs: Touchy Feely Gifs (Exclusive)

Happy Mother's Day to all you givers of life out there! I'm sure you stumbled upon this page on purpose. It's that time of year when things are winding down, school's almost out, tax season is over, and it's time to focus on the most important thing of all: family. Awwww.. . If you love your mom, you're probably overwhelmed with emotion right now. Normally, I would advise you to not...
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TGIFs: 8 Bouncing Hotties (Exclusive)

"Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail. Hippity hoppin', Easter's on its way...".  Speaking of "hoppin' around", it's about time we pay tribute to some of the bounciest moments of cinema! How's that for a segway, kids? Truthfully, ever since the idea of a "gif" column on MovieHotties first...
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