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Who's the luckiest broad in Hollywood? According to Kerry Washington, it's her

You don't have to try and convince me that Kerry Washington deserves a great big spotlight on her. Anyone who watched DJANGO UNCHAINED can tell you that there's no other woman who could have played Broomhilda in the wounded yet not totally innocent way that she did. From the slow pour of the water to the fingers in the ears that I don't have the words to describe the perfection that moment...

Olivia Wilde's hotness is off the chain at the NYC Django screening

Look at that face. Who else could that be at a screening of Tarantino's DJANGO UNCHAINED in NYC last night? I could be looking at Olivia Wilde from 2 blocks away and still totally know who she was. That face, those eyes - nothing else like her walking around. Digging the plunging neckline and subtle little side bewb there, Liv. Very subtle but provocative nonetheless. So has she broken up...

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