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Introducing the almost perfect new hottie, Demi Rose

We have a running theme with 3 of the hotties we're talking about today, namely beautiful models named after that most beautiful of flowers, the rose. This particular rose, Demi Rose , occasionally pops up on my screen during my daily journies around the web looking for beautiful women. As you can see by the pics below, Rose is about as close as one can get to a dream come true. An angel...
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Emilia Schuele had the sweetest Cannes face of all

If you live outside of Germany you may not have heard of Emilia Schuele , seen here joining just about every other person at Cannes to see Woody Allen's CAFE SOCIETY movie. I'm similarly unfamiliar with Emilia, due to the fact that she's currently enjoying more of a regional acting career in her native lands. Something tells me this wont last for long. Not with a kisser like hers. I saw these...
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Face Off: Alison Brie vs. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

There was a whole lot of nasty vitriol being undeservedly spewed at Victoria Justice in last week's Face Off. I get that some of you might have liked Emily Ratajkowski more, but that's no reason to rip on a sweetie like Victoria. Pick your favorite and be enthusiastic if you want, but do try to be cool about it people. I know opinions and assholes are equally plentiful, but let's focus...
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Jehane Paris introduces some welcome adorable into the modelling world

I ran across this adorable little dose of sexy called Jehane "Gigi" Paris the other day and was quite impressed with how much she stands out compared to other models. Normally the selection of models you see on the runway at events like this fashion week thing are either the borderline inhuman perfect women or the severe, often weird-looking things without an ounce of body fat and probably...
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Flashback Friday: Rachael Leigh Cook's a delicious dish

It looked like many of you got carried away with Kristen Bell's participation in Allure magazine's recent nude issue. So caught up were you that you might have missed the fact that doe-eyed hottie Rachael Leigh Cook also got herself free of clothing in that very same issue. With all due respect to Kristen, for me it was the sight of Rachael sort of in the buff that made...
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