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It's always a party when Kelly Brook is around

Holy shit. It's been almost a month since I posted anything about Kelly Brook . What's wrong with me? Clearly I'm slipping somehow. Anyway, let me rectify that with this assortment of pics of Ms. Brook doing her thing. It starts out with our girl doing that most Kelly of things, namely leaving her house looking hot. Digging the leather, Kelly. If only she'd been hopping on the back of a...
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Kate Upton and her tits dance with douches

21st century bewbage wonder Kate Upton has yet another spread in GQ coming out, this time in German GQ's December issue. They've also put together a movie of the photoshoot, complete with plenty of Kate Upton tit action. Seems almost a necessity now that they include some kind of movie accompaniment to whatever still imagery Kate gets down. After all, who is content just to see Kate standing...
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