Hello nurse! Jenna Louise Coleman kills it at Doctor Who London premiere

I simply don't watch current day "Doctor Who." I get knocked for it, I get knocked for constantly talking about how I don't watch it but eh... I can just go online and look up images of the hot chicks on the show if I need to. And man, did current Whovian babe, Jenna Louise Coleman really knock that out of the park last Thursday night in London when she went on a legs and cleavage display...

Jenna Louise Coleman is still in mourning at the NTAs

I don't know if I can get into why Jenna Louise Coleman might be wearing black as a nod to what's happened to her on-screen "Dr. Who" boyfriend without flashing a huge SPOILER ALERT notice over this article. However, in the way that I phrased that first sentence, I think I might have already f*cked that part up. Coleman was wearing a near shroud while she accepted the NTA (National Television...

Hot or Not: Karen Gillan

I might spend an uncomfortably affordable time ragging on a couple of items (I don't really hate Dr. Who, I watched it when I was a kid, I just cringe at the cultish behavior of its current followers - and contrary to all those jumping so valiantly to Alison Brie's defense - I don't HATE the chick. I just find so many other actress far more deserving of even a fraction of the seemingly...

Think it's Photoshop? Karen Gillan's shocking new hairstyle hits SDCC '13 hard

I get crapped on by the Whovians for crapping on the Whovians, but I wonder how many simultaneous heart attacks took place when then former "Dr. Who," star, Karen Gillan took to the stage for the Marvel Movie of 2014, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Many fans were crying foul after Gillan showed up at the Wired Cafe looking no different than she's been known for with the auburn locks. But after...

Jenna-Louise Coleman is warmly welcomed into Who-ville by the Whovians

I don't do the Who, but I know many Who do. They Who with a great whooping coo as the doctor introduces a new babe-a-roo. She is a sprite creature, all wide-eyed and bright, sure to make Whovians declare her a fine sight. Jenna-Louise Coleman so brown-haired and fair, not nearly as tall as Karen Gillan, her redheaded heir. At a pre-bafta party, Jenna did appear, entrancing all of the...

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