Jenna Coleman shows a little leg in the day, a little cleavage at night

I think I've finally figured Jenna "without the Louise" Coleman out. At least, I've figured out my opinion on her. While she's only been in the acting game (as far as movies and television go) for the past 10ish years, she has one of those looks where you feel as if she's been around much longer. In fact, I really think she's like the healthy version of...
3 days ago
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Jenna Coleman brings her dimples & a hint of cleavage to the PBS TCA panel

Since leaving "Dr. Who," we've seen more of Jenna Louise Coleman as she's navigated red carpet events from movie premieres to the Summer TCA panels that were held in Beverly Hills this past weekend. Coleman is promoting her latest gig, that of a young Queen Victoria, to be aired on PBS for those of you who enjoy a history channel with more history and less aliens. Jenna commented on the...
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Jenna Coleman shows off some cleavage for Vogue Gala in Paris

Jenna Coleman doesn't tend to get too risque with her fashion choices, often sticking to traditionally upper crust British patterns and cuts, so it's nice to see her in those rare instances when she lets a little hang out. At the Vogue Foundation Gala held in France, Coleman sparkled in a black beaded frock that highlighted her flawless skin and sweet cleavage. The actress either didn't...
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Hot or Not: Jenna Coleman

You might not be fans of Mia Wasikowska but those of you who didn't run to the theaters for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE turned in some pretty numbers for her movie, considering it's a sequel where most people aren't familiar with the source material. This week the source material in question is JoJo Moyes' novel ME BEFORE YOU , where we'll get to see Emilia Clark and Sam Claflin be far more...
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Jenna Louise Coleman gives Interview magazine an adorable assist

I'm glad that Jenna Louise Coleman (or Jenna Coleman, going by her IMDB profile) is moving on from "Dr. Who." Not because I'm not a Whovian (although I'm not) but more because she'll finally start appearing in some other projects that I might be interested in watching. What I know about her character as the most recent assistant is vague, based mainly on the tidbits that my mildly afflicted...
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Jenna Coleman looks adorably stylish in Stylist magazine

Now that she's leaving "Dr. Who," it appears that we're going to be seeing a lot more of ,a href="http://www.joblo.com/hollywood-celebrities/hottie-profile/jenna-louise-coleman">Jenna Louise Coleman . The super cute assistant to the doctor has been showing up in a number of fashion magazine spreads as of late, including this one from Stylist magazine, where she dons a variety of bold colors...
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Jenna Louise Coleman is leather & leggy in Harrods

From what I've gathered, Clara, the most recent and highly popular assistant on "Dr. Who" is leaving this season. I have to wonder if being out of the show might result in some more sexy opportunities from Jenna Louise Coleman . Most of the time Coleman is seen in fairly conservative attire on red carpets and for different events. Once free of her character, will we be seeing more leg, more...
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Jenna Louise Coleman is serving up the cuteness in a waitress costume on Dr Who set

Man, Jenna Louise Coleman is making it hard on me and my non-Dr. Who watching ways. While I have no real interest in watching the time traveling BBC favorite, seeing Coleman in a tidy little blue waitress costume looking too adorbz for words is almost making me rethink my stance on the show. Perhaps what I'm really holding out for is the potential for Hayley Atwell to come on as the next...
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Karen Gillan continues the conservative cutie routine for Kimmel

She was brave enough to shave her head for a character role in a super hero movie based on a comic book that no one had really heard of but damned if we can't get Karen Gillan to loosen up when it comes to her fashion sense. While she was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the actress took to her signature short shorts/skirt routine, showing off the miles-long legs of hers while she paired it with a...
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Hello nurse! Jenna Louise Coleman kills it at Doctor Who London premiere

I simply don't watch current day "Doctor Who." I get knocked for it, I get knocked for constantly talking about how I don't watch it but eh... I can just go online and look up images of the hot chicks on the show if I need to. And man, did current Whovian babe, Jenna Louise Coleman really knock that out of the park last Thursday night in London when she went on a legs and cleavage display...
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Jenna Louise Coleman is still in mourning at the NTAs

I don't know if I can get into why Jenna Louise Coleman might be wearing black as a nod to what's happened to her on-screen "Dr. Who" boyfriend without flashing a huge SPOILER ALERT notice over this article. However, in the way that I phrased that first sentence, I think I might have already f*cked that part up. Coleman was wearing a near shroud while she accepted the NTA (National Television...
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Hot or Not: Karen Gillan

I might spend an uncomfortably affordable time ragging on a couple of items (I don't really hate Dr. Who, I watched it when I was a kid, I just cringe at the cultish behavior of its current followers - and contrary to all those jumping so valiantly to Alison Brie's defense - I don't HATE the chick. I just find so many other actress far more deserving of even a fraction of the seemingly...
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