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America Ferrera is looking like one foxy cheetah at Dragon premiere

America Ferrera is an absolutely beautiful girl who doesn't get enough recognition. Maybe recognition isn't the word. Perhaps, I'll substitute the word recognition for not enough love on MovieHotties time thing. Yes. That's much more eloquent. Maybe it's because one of her roles had the word "ugly" in it. Or maybe it's cause she's only doing voice work in major films instead of just...

Blake Lively looks unlawfully hot at children's film premiere

Is it allowed to look this hot at a film premiere? Not just any premiere, it's the premiere for TURBO , a movie I'm fairly certain is for kids (and, very possibly, snail enthusiasts, I know more than a few). Blake Lively and her breasts are going to overpower these poor children's fragile little minds (look how stupid it made Ryan Reynolds). Her beauty is for real,...


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