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Watching Naomie Harris get her drink on is jolly good fun

Giggles are hard to come by lately, so it's refreshing to see a celebrity having a grand ol' time drinking with buddies at what appears to be an otherwise stuffy British gathering. Moneypenny herself, Naomie Harris was snapped sipping on Royal Salute Whiskey with friends at a polo event held in Egham, England over the past weekend. I love the classy glamour that Harris always exudes,...
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Speaking of repeat offenders, Bella Thorne sucks on an everlasting milkshake

As far as I can tell, the greatest talent Bella Thorne has is her knack for self-exploitation. This girl knows what she's doing and is enjoying the attention she gets doing it. While taking a stroll and pretending to sip on a milkshake from Fatburger (because no matter how hard you try to make one of those last on a hot day in California, the only way it's not going to have a dent in it is...
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Jennifer Lawrence knows exactly what we want to see

While Jennifer Lawrence was in London for all of that X-MEN: APOCALYPSE promotion, she slinked into the premiere wearing a tight white dress and then treated herself to a bit of fun during her down time, taking her cleavage for a spin on the dance floor. Apparently she also stopped for one of those close-up photo sessions they refer to as "photocalls" and made those...
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Forget the Fanta, I wanna Olivia Culpo Galore

Good golly, Miss Culpo. Former Miss USA, Olivia Culpo is coming out swinging in the hottie department lately. First, she breaks up with the littlest Jonas brother after suffering dating the musician for 2 years. Then she gets fierce in her Esquire Mexico feature last month. Now Culpo is showing off her sexy curves and love of bottled beverages in this shoot from the Summer 2015 issue of...
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Emmy Rossum is a tasty sip of sweetness on a hot California day

We still have six more months before we can figure out what's going to happen to the Gallagher clan on Emmy Rossum's popular Showtime series adapted from the original British version. Me, I still have however many months it's going to take before season 5 gets a DVD release (as yet unknown, from what I've discovered, but NetFlix has promised to save it to my queue for me). In the meantime,...
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Rihanna goes braless courtside at the Raptors/Nets game

She might not be able to sing live (if judging by the appearances I've seen her make with Eminem on various music/award shows is any indicator) but Rihanna knows how to take other shit live in an awesome way, including her nipples through a flimsy white tank top at the basketball game between the Raptors and the Nets. I was too busy being a sad Flyers fan this weekend (which is par for the...
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Kea Ho is one thirsty dame to die for

Well now. These 138 Water people aren't f*cking around when it comes to selling the overpriced stuff in a plastic bottle, if the use of Hawaiian legend Don Ho's model daughter, Kea Ho in her see-through lace bikini (bra and panties?) is any indicator. I would have made fun of her name but I figured out where she got it from and there's just no knocking Mr. Tiny Bubbles,...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Christian Pitre

Much like a lot of you I'm just now hearing about Christian Pitre and ... wow. This chick is smoking! I'm talking the whole nine yards. Absolutely beautiful! Now she hasn't done a whole lot yet but she's just now breaking through with the tongue-in-cheek action flick BOUNTY KILLER. For today's Hottie Clip of the Day we take a look at Pitre as 'Mary Death' as she blows away a room...
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Hayden Panettiere had the best boob job added, most ironic tattoo removed

I have no doubt in my mind that Hayden Panettiere needs to spread around the business cards of her plastic surgeon because I don't think I've ever seen a breast augmentation that looks as tastefully, fantastically done as hers. Perfectly rounded, not misshapen or oversized for her petite frame. Those babies are a work of pure genius. Speaking of genius, it wasn't one when the actress...
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Rihanna celebrates Kadooment Day by getting super naked and drunk! Cool!

Well, this is…interesting.  Here, we can see Rihanna doing pretty much exactly what we would expect Rihanna to do on a national holiday. Apparently, the first Monday of August is when Barbados, Rihanna's old stomping grounds, celebrates their holiday called Kadooment Day. Being the established news journalist I am, I went to Wikipedia to learn of this foreign tradition,...
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Face Off: Amanda Bynes vs. Lindsay Lohan

Summer Glau was the winner over Alison Lohman in last week's Face Off . Tough call. Those are two sweet as can be hotties. I do hope they come back to prominence someday. Well, it's April Fools Day, so why not spend some time looking at a couple of fools for this week's Face Off. What the hell happened to Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan ? I'm sure many of you have asked that...
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