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Lucy Mecklenburgh can't keep her bikini body away from those Mideast beaches

Well it's 3 weeks to Christmas. What better a time to feature some bikini shots of UK hottie Lucy Mecklenburgh doing her usual bit down on Dubai beaches. I don't really understand people who constantly feel compelled to chase the warm weather around the globe. Me, I was totally ready for some cool, rainy weather after the super shitty summer we had here in the States. I suppose if you live...

Freida Pinto and her hotness cruise on by for a quick hello

Here's my gorgeous Indian sex goddess Freida Pinto showing off what ridiculous levels of beauty she can reach by just standing there in a nice outfit. Apparently, it's apart of the Chanel Cruise Collection (of course, I knew that! Duh!), but it looks so right on Freida that it may as well have come from her closet. Or perhaps, she made it herself. She must've sowed and stitched that thing...

Abby Clancy does the skinny white girl with a nice ass thing quite well

There seems to be a trend in the skinny white woman world, among things like knowing the names of all the Kardashian sisters, thinking Benedict Cumberbatch is a babe and spending half a year's salary on an ugly purse the size of a small country that they refer to as a bag. I don't know much about Abby Clancy other than she's a model from the UK who's married to a footballer but she's got this...

Jennifer Metcalfe is so hourglass she's practically telling time

Jennifer Metcalfe is one of those girls we here in the States know nothing about because she does most of her stuff in England, or in this case Dubai, which is where she and all the rest of British hottiedom apparently vacations now. It doesn't matter though that we don't know what she does for a living, because the most important things to know about what Jen does are illustrated right...

Big booty owner Lucy Mecklenburgh shows it all off in white bikini

Damn. I'm loving this. Every few days or so, I'll stumble upon a batch of pics of some ridiculously hot babe showing off her amazing goods in a bikini and today is no different. Here's sextacular hottie Lucy Mecklenburgh on the beaches of Dubai looking insanely gorgeous. What she's doing or where she's going or how she's doing or why she's doing it or who she's doing it with is not anything...

Katy Perry drops down on the Parachuting Championships in Dubai

This isn't the first time that Katy Perry , the human version of Cosplay without the Cos or the Play, has taken to parachuting down onto a stage to perform for an audience. Back in 2010 she was also hooked up and floated down to eagerly awaiting troops who were frothing at the mouth to listen to her pop music and stare at her T&A in the USA. (I am aware that there are no images in that post...

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