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Holly Madison has gone red to promote her cupcakes

She's apparently decided to go red because she's tired of being compared to her former self. At least, that's what Hugh Hefner's former #1 girlfriend is claiming as the reason for changing from her signature dyed blonde locks. Holly Madison has become a total Vegas girl since her contract with the E! network and Hefner's geriatric junk came to a close, doing producer work and writing travel...
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Rita Ora serves up a healthy serving of her juicy thighs at London's G.A.Y. club

Slap some money down and pay for it, that's what I'm thinking as I gaze at the dollar signs on Rita Ora's short shorts while she performs at London's G-A-Y club, the very place that Lady Gaga recently stripped down nude at during her own show. Not that you want to see that, right? I know very little about Ora or her music but I love the look of her - a fit, muscular woman who has legs that...
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Megan Fox gets out the red dye, starts bringing April O'Neil to life

It's been a wonderful life since Michael Bay and Megan Fox made peace over the harsh words they had previously slung back and forth at one another. This means that we get to see Megan looking Bay hot (glossy, lingering close-ups, bared tummy, licked lips aplenty) again, this time in NINJA TURTLES, the remaking of the popular underground fighting mutant amphibious reptiles. And filming must be...
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