Kim Kardashian is GQ's Woman of the Rear

Yes, everyone's favorite hottie to hate, Kim Kardashian , has landed herself a place of honor in British GQ magazine's Women of the Year edition. To celebrate her "achievement," Kim decided to do what she does best, namely get naked and take pictures. It's actually an appropriate response. Let's face it, despite the shows and the fashion shit and all the rest of the crap she's come up with...

Nina Agdal has quite the collecton

I love these "collection" photoshoots that supermodels do. I don't think any clothing line has a "collection" necessarily, it could just more scientifically be called "a f*ck load of clothes." What do I know? I wear the same pair of pants for two weeks straight and my t-shirts range from Monty Python shirts with holes in them. What can I say? I'm a bachelor. Maybe if I had some super hot...

Sharpen your hating skills with some see thru Kardashian ass pics

The last few weeks have seen Kim Kardashian , aka the woman you love to hate, making a concerted effort to shove the more sensitive parts of her anatomy into the media's face at every possible occasion. I've done my best to ignore her efforts, because I know how butt hurt many of you become at the sight of her. Unfortunately, ignoring Kim doesn't work. It's like ignoring the killer bee hive...

Kim Kardashian's butt is getting big enough to pull satellites out of orbit

I've been content to defend Kim Kardashian's butt for some time now. Not Kim herself mind you, who we all know is utterly useless in every way. Just her ass. I can understand how folks might find all of her undesirable. Believe me, it's not easy to give praise to someone who deserves anything but that. Still, the gonads win in the end for me. Given the opportunity, I can't honestly say that...

I don't know if you guys were aware of this, but Kim Kardashian got massive ass

I know you've probably heard rumors round the campfire once or twice about the rather large extent of Kim Kardashian's derriere. I'm not sure if we've ever touched on the phenomenon of the massive gravity well that surrounds her butt before. What's that you say, chorus of rabidly vocal anti-Kardashian haters? I have talked about this subject before? Oh, I see. Well, I'd hate to see any of...

The Hottie Stop interviews Jacqueline M. Wood, host of E!'s Party On!

Jacqueline M. Wood is the host of the new E! travel series "Party On", and yes, it's a series designed to make you simultaneously envious and giddy at the beautiful woman's international exploits. Described as a bold, fun VIP tour of the most sparkling party destinations on the planet, "Party On" sounds like the best gig in the world. To hear Jacqueline tell...

TV personality Carrie Keagan goes for a jugs at the boobs, rack, titties, gazongas fun bags

I don't watch much of VH-1 or the E! channel or Fox News or G4, which means my familiarity with the places where TV personality Carrie Keagan typically shows up is understandably limited. That being said, it doesn't take one very long to get a fairly good grasp on what Carrie brings to the networks she shows up on, which is namely a fine set of tig ol' bitties. I don't know, maybe she is...

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