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Kelly Brook is living easy

Kelly Brook is in the pages of Easy Living magazine this month, looking amazing as usual. Yeah, I kind of miss her more extreme days when she was smearing herself with lipstick and getting naked in magazines, but we all have to grow up eventually, right? That's what they tell me anyway. I was busy playing with my Matchbox cars, so I didn't hear everything they said. Anyway, Kelly's also got...
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Naomi Watts makes life a little easier in UK's Easy Living

It's been a while since I've seen, read or written anything about  Naomia Watts , the woman even a giant CGI monkey could love. It's about time she fell back under the radar, too. Naomi has a big year in movies up ahead of her, including DIANA (as Princess Diana), BLONDE (as Marilyn Monroe), TWO MOTHERS (about two women friends who fall in love with each other's sons…. yeah), and...
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