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Kimberley Garner does her patriotic duty

Kimberley Garner was out doing her duty as a subject of the realm yesterday. No, I'm not referring to the voting, although that's important too I guess. Much higher on Kimberley's list of responsibilities to the crown is to walk around wearing something white that emphasizes her ass. Kimberley does her part for queen and country by letting everyone know her little island empire has a ton of...
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Top Ten Hottest Teacher's Pets

It's September, bitches! That means back to school... for most of you, that having actually happened 2 or more weeks ago since they keep pushing up the start of school date. Doesn't mean that I can't delve into the creepy and get it on with the hottest teacher's pets that have graced television and movies. No, I'm not considering if the teacher was hot or not, I'm focusing on the hotness of the...
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