Face Off: Morena Baccarin vs. Evangeline Lilly

It didn't come as much of a surprise to see Alexandra Daddario defeat Kelly Brook in last week's Face Off . She's at the top of many hottie lists right now - sort of like Kelly was not too long ago. Going with Ms. Brook must then make me sentimental. So be it. Kelly is nowhere near past it yet. We have another potentially problematic non-MCU Marvel movie coming up this week....
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BOTB Xmas Movie Babes: Keira Knightley vs Reese Witherspoon vs Zooey Deschanel

SPECTRE did some awesome numbers at the box office last weekend and one of its stars, Monica Bellucci, continued to pull the best numbers from you Schmoes, who ranked her the hottest of the ladies in the latest James Bond flick. Much like I would prefer Lea Seydoux over Monica, I'm similarly craving KRAMPUS over LOVE THE COOPERS , we get what we get and we don't pitch a fit. We write...
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Evangeline Lilly smokes and strokes keys in her underwear for Esquire

What did you folks think of that HOBBIT finale? I was rather underwhelmed. Seemed pretty obvious by the second half that they had stretched the story about as taut as they could, forcing them to rely on a ton of CGI filler and corny LOTR references to act as half-ass links between the two trilogies. At least Evangeline Lilly looked pretty good. I'm going to miss the look of her with that...
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Evangeline Lilly fires up European Desolation of Smaug premiere

It's not too often that we see Evangeline Lilly 'round these parts, but now with THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG about to hit theaters, we're finally getting our share of this hottie via hot photos of her sexing up the red carpet, this time for the European premiere. The only real taste I've gotten from Evangeline is her role of Kate on LOST (which is still my...
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Face Off: Evangeline Lilly vs. Liv Tyler

Ya'll were split right down the middle as far as Zoe Saldana and Thandie Newton went in last week's Face Off. I guess they really are that similar. This Friday sees part 2 of Peter Jackson's take on The Hobbit, THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG, coming to a big screen near you. Unlike the first Hobbit movie, which was a bit of a sausage fest, this one features hottie Evangeline...
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Evangeline Lilly is really happy to be an elf

Evangeline Lilly was at the big premiere of the next HOBBIT movie, being really super happy about folks knowing her for something other than Lost. I'm a little more enthusiastic about this movie than the last one. Bit too many Scottish dwarf stereotypes running around singing and being annoying in the first one, way too little fire-breathing monsters. We definitely need more tiny, hairy...
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Face Off: Jovie from ELF (Zooey Deschanel) vs. Sue from Bad Santa (Lauren Graham)

Looked like a few of your OCD issues kicked in during last week's Face Off between admittedly dissimilar hotties Kate Beckinsale and Salma Hayek . Having two unlike things together seems to have disturbed some of you folks. You must be the guys I saw arranging the big tub of candy boxes at the store according label and box sizes. Take your Zoloft, folks. We occasionally like to mix it...
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